WordPress Vs Blogger -Most Powerful Reasons To Use Only WordPress

Today the comparison is between top 2 CMS platforms WordPress vs Blogger. Blogger is a very good platform to make a blog. That will let you publish your passion in your own way and publish your knowledge to the world. It’s also let you create the unique & beautiful website and blogs to share latest news and experiences and much more.

It’s very secure platform because It’s is run by Mr.Google. As we know a hacker can hack a blogger blog when he hacks your Google account and hacking of Google is not just like drinking of a cup of tea. But I hate Blogger for some reason. They are listed below.


Note for this comparison WordPress vs Blogger:

These are only my personal thoughts and experiences to share with my new blogger friends and webmasters that what are the reasons to don’t take blogger as the permanent website. And Also please I don’t want to hurt any blogger user. These are only truthful reasons that why you should not take blogger a long time. If you have less cost or you are creating a simple blog then blogger is the best choice for you.

Please make sure the comparison is only between self-hosted open source WordPress and google blogger. Not wordpress.com and blogger.

No:1 Delete Your Blog Anytime.

Yesterday I received an email from Blogger. In the email box, they just shocked me. They tell me your blog … is permanently deleted by blogger. I was very worried about that because I follow all content policy of blogger and I also report them that my blog was deleted by the blogger by a misunderstanding or a mistake. So please review it back, but they don’t reply me. I only received replies by robots & machine. And the machine says we decided to let your blog suspended huch. Do you know how much time I spend on my blog? I spend 6 Month on this blog and they deleted my 6-month hard work. This is the first reason I hate Blogger.

I like WordPress because WordPress is open source cms software that let you decide how long you want to run your website/blog.

No:2 Control Of The Your Blog.

The control of your blog just goes to Google and blogger. They don’t let you do any changes in your blog. The things you can do to blogger blog is limited and there is no else way to extend them meet your needs.

But WordPress gives you total control in your hands. You can do any changes you want.

No:3 Search Engine Optimization In Both.

If you think blogger is the product of Mr.google that will give you more Seo. It’s is completely wrong. It is not necessary for SEO what platform you’re using. SEO of your site only comes from techniques and hard work and from How you configure your Website for SEO. Seo is perfect in both blogger and WordPress.

But in WordPress, you can add extra plugins to make your website more SEO Friendly. So this is the third reason I love WordPress and it’s wonderful plugins that make work so easy.

Helpful video on Seo of both platform.

No:4 Migration In Both.

If you’re currently using blogger and you want to move on a different platform is a very big risk. Because you will lose all your search engine ranking and much more such as followers or subscribers of your blog, Whenever you move to another one.

So In WordPress, you can move or migrate your site anywhere you want. You can also migrate your full WordPress website to a new host or any domain. and you can also move your WordPress site to any Content Mangement System Platform without losing anything.

No:5 Professional Appearance.

Blogger is not very professional if you come in appearance. Blogger only provides limited default templates to use. There also many third party blogger templates but we can’t say they are too professional.

In WordPress there many many different kinds of free and premium professional themes. That will let make any kind of professional websites like E-commerce website and news website and for many other uses. And another big bad thing is that the blogger is not good for the E-commerce website. If you’re looking to create your online shop then WordPress is recommended and best CMS.

No:6 Blogger Support Is Bad.

Whenever you got any problem with your blogger blog and you want supports from blogger team then the replay only comes from reboots and machine. There is no any technical support for Blogger users.

While in WordPress, if you face any problem or issue. you just need to inform your hosting provider after informing your hosting provider the issue will be fixed within minutes. That’s the way I love to host with WordPress.

Do You Want To Improve Your WordPress Website Learn Here?

Final Words WordPress vs Blogger Comparison.

In above bad and good points I just provide my personal experience with you. I am using both since 2013 And get lots of benefits from WordPress that’s why I love to use WordPress and also note that I am not an enemy of the blogger and don’t want to hurt. But I hate for the above several reasons. If your blogger lover then I am so sorry.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site thesecretweb.org to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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  1. you are right sir Jalil Mehar I also love world press for its such great reasons and best features and I got many things to learn from your this article thank you so much…

  2. Hey ! Jalil I am planning to make a free blog (zero investment of money), earn some money through it and then move to WordPress premium or business.
    From where to start blogger or WordPress ?

  3. Well Jalil great write up

    But I don’t agree. And am glad you said personal reasons because I think comparing Blogger (totally free) to WordPress (paid) is not really fair.

    1. On SEO.
    I think both platforms are good for it. Because SEO has more to do than just installing plugins. I have seen a good number of WordPress blogs fail even with the countless plugins.

    And also the major important On-Page SEO settings required are provided by blogger so I don’t think WordPress is better than Blogger in terms of SEO except you are a big blog (rich) owner who can spend thousands on WordPress plugins.

    2. Delete Your Blog Anytime.
    I actually applaud blogger for doing this… why? Today on the internet, there are so many lazy bloggers stealing other hard working bloggers blog posts.

    This is not good. And Google will only delete your blog if and only if you are caught spamming (stealing people’s content).

    3. Control Of Your Blog
    What other control do you need as a blogger? The only persons who need more control than BlogSpot can offer are developers, not an everyday blogger who don’t even code.

    So I think blogger is Ok on that.

    4. Professional Appearance
    On this, I also totally disagree. Blogger default templates are not so good. But there are millions of BlogSpot themes which you can get either free or paid.

    Most themes used on WordPress are also found just the same way BlogSpot themes are found. I have seen and created professional blogger themes.

    5. No Proper Support
    I can’t remember when last I contacted any customer care services for anything…. Have you contacted WordPress customer services?.

    Many persons don’t even use this feature – I don’t.

    What you failed to Mention!!
    Blogger Uses Google CDN – Ones you have a Blogger blog, your content is sure to be delivered pretty fast because blogger uses Google CDN.

    Blogger Has Higher(better) security: Your blogger blog is secured by Google itself and it is way more secure than WordPress even when you use plugins.

    Free HTTPS: You also did not mention that Blogger users get to add free HTTPS to their blog which is worth real money.

    Easier to Setup and Manage: In less than a few minutes you can get your blog published without hosting or paying a dime.

    Now, that’s how I see the comparison.

    P.S: Blogger is totally free while WordPress is not – It’s unfair to compare!.

    Signed Prince John Okosun

    blogger at http://www.bloggingprince.com

  4. Really useful and helpful post, I am actually planning to take my blog to the next level now and confused if I have to upgrade to WordPress. I have been doing a lot more than what you can typically do with blogger. So it’s actually a very confusing decision for me. This post helped clear some of my doubts.

    Thank You So Much

  5. Comparison? Though I started with blogger platform, but once WP introduced to me, I could realize that blogger platform was built for kids and novice bloggers. WP is the best.
    Blogger: 10%
    WP: 100%

  6. I quite disagree with Number 1. For blogger to delete your blog, you must have violated a rule in which if the same rule is violated on WordPress, a WP host can decide to take the site down!

    There are so many misconceptions people had about the blogger blog in which i shared them on NetSocialBlog [check my name for the link]

    NOTE: Using the two platform though😉

  7. Most people that use blogger would always see reasons to say that its the best, but I am an exception, because I use to make use of blogger before, but at some point, i got to come across WP.

    it was then I knew what I have been missing. So simple and unique.

    thanks for comparing with detailed reasons. I Just wish that most people still operating in the world of blogger would open their eyes to the brighter part of life.

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