5 Top Free WordPress CDN Service

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You might want to use free WordPress CDN service on your website so it will load faster thus you would not lose any visitors. Especially in today’s era where high speed internet is everything. To balance with that, you also need to have a website that can be load as fast as it could. And CDN service allows you to achieve that by having multiple servers which spread all around the globe. This will also safe your website bandwidth traffic as the trafic will come from those servers. Do not worry as there are CDN service for WordPress website that is free to use for your site, here are the list.

5 Best Free WordPress CDN Service that Easy to Use

  1. CloudFlare

When it comes to the best free WordPress CDN service that you can use for your site, this service is the most popular one in the market. In fact it is dubbed as the best one in the industry which makes it surprising that it also provides free plan for you to use. They have 115 datacenters which makes them very reliable, fast and safe against DDoS basic attack. They also have WordPress plugin which makes them easy to use.

  1. Incapsula

This service is able to gives application delivery using their Global CDN cloud services. Furthermore, they are also providing security for your website as well as protection from DDoS attack. They conduct load balancing as well as failover which makes them reliable. They are easy to activate within 5 minutes and their free plan also has plugin to use.

  1. Photon

This reliable free WordPress CDN service is provided by Jetpack that most WordPress users already familiar with. The new addition on their improved service is by adding CDN service for their WordPress grid. Their CDN service is free so all you need to do is to activate it. Just download it to install the Jetpack plugin in your website, now activate the Photon module to get the service starting.

  1. Swarmify

This next CND service used to go by the name SwarmCDN. They also offer CDN service using P2P method on their content delivery service. They have free plan which will work only with image with 10GB bandwidth. You can easily activate their service my installing their WordPress plugin. If you want the service for video, then they offer it only on their free plan.

  1. AWS cloudfront

This cloud service is provided by Amazon and actually the first one that offers cloud computing in high performance for mass use with affordable pricing. In fact, the cloudfront is used by leading company such as Spotify which is why you should not doubt their service anymore. They have a free plan that you can use for one year with 50GB quota using outbound transfer. Thus, you should really take advantage of this offer to have a taste at world class service.

That is our list on the best and free WordPress CDN service that is on top in the industry since they are fast, reliable and easy to use. Of course, some of them have different service, so you might want to try them all.

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