Tips to Improve Alexa Rank that Increase Website Value

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Knowing a few tips to improve Alexa rank is good for your website since you will know how good your traffic is. Besides showing your traffic, Alexa rank is also often used by various advertisers that uses your blog Alexa rank to decide whether they want to put their advertisement in or not. Even though Google Adsense does not use this ranking method since they have their own mechanics, but it is still good to pay attention to your rank. Especially when you work mostly with advertisement that uses this rank as one of their decision factors. Here are some things that you can do to improve the Alexa rank of your blog.

5 Important Tips to Improve Alexa Rank 2019

  1. Original content

Having original content is the first tips to improve Alexa rank that you should do. This content will attract real visitors that really feel that your content is useful for them. Do not forget that you also need to update your content in regular manners. That way you can build loyal visitors for your website which will really increase your website value. The visitors might also then share links to your website which will then add more traffics to your blog.

  1. Manage your links

Do not forget to put inbound link in your content, that will also improve your ranks. This links will also help search engine to really understand your website niche. Do not forget to use links from website that has high authority which will also increase the credibility of your blog. This will then increase the value and the trust of your visitors to your website. Internal links is another thing that you need to pay attention so your visitors can browse your blog easier. If you want to go further, you can also try to get healthy backlink for your website.

  1. Use LSI keywords

Next best tips to improve Alexa rank that you should do is to use LSI keywords. Find the LSI of the main keywords that is used in your niche then try to optimize your website for that keywords too. If you have competitors, then try to search which LSI that gives traffic to them then apply those keywords to your own website.

  1. Apply SEO

Having a good SEO will really be helpful to improve your tank as well as improving your overall site. This will also improve the users experience when visiting your blog which then makes them stays longer. SEO also used by search engine to determine your rank which is another reason why you need to apply it to your entire site.

  1. Share your post

After all of those hard work, do not forget that you should also share your post in various social media. Try to find related hashtag that is suitable with your niche so your links can be found easily. This will really give a lot of traffic to your website and links which can improve your ranks.

Those are several tips to improve Alexa rank so you can gain more visitors and at the same time improve the website value.

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