Strategies and Techniques to Improve Cyber Security


Since the technology has penetrated in our lives, everyone is fully dependent and has to use the technology in order to make their survival possible by all means. Employees in the remote and home offices and even walking on the streets using the applications in the cloud, collaboration tools and the personal devices tied to their corporate interface.  Anytime, at any place, a business enterprise forced to adopt to run the whole organization such as computers and plenty of other tech-based machines and the most important thing the available data within the company’s owned device. The company owned devices are connecting with the internet world, which makes the privacy anytime at risk.  But as much as the IT is expanding its roots as a workforce, its loopholes are exposing with every passing day. Plenty of organizations has focused on building strong security plans and networks in order to prevent any cyber- attack to save personal data. Any organization can improve the Cyber-security of IT environment by implementing the following strategies and techniques.

Implement Passwords Rules:

Weak passwords are the biggest factor for breaching the security, so there is the dire need to the implementation of strong passwords. It helps you out to secure your data and there will be least chances of breaches. So, having strong passwords, you will have your first and strong line of defense against the security concerns and the strong passwords should be changed occasionally. The hackers will not be able to compromise your security. Make your habit of changing the passwords necessarily, and make sure to remember your changed passwords.

Try to make Regular updates:

Hackers are the people who are masters of breaching the cyber security. So, keep in mind that every connection has its weakness and is vulnerable. Make some fast and possible effective changes; otherwise, it will be too late. Make sure to making updates in connections, operating systems, applications along with the patches and improvement. Always try to make changes in software and within the systems security updates rapidly, it will give you benefit of the doubt to being unprotected.

Apply VPNS for Connections:

Those networks which are more generic in nature, are more at risk and more unsafe to attack. Therefore, employers need to use VPNS virtual private security network connection within the business enterprise and make easy and necessary for mobile employees who may connect with the public WI-Fi service.



Use Monitoring Software:

There is plenty of software are available in the tech market which can help you out to monitor and make sure to secure the data. TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful and popular software to prevent breaches the company owned data. It allows employers to spy all the activities done by their employees within the company’s private devices. The user can view all the send and received emails of their employees along with the accurate time statistics.


Leave All Unused Services:

If you are aware of using the products which would expire in the near future, then be prepare to change the applications along with the logins, including the user credentials linked with them. let’s suppose that you don’t use all the feature of UC deployment like a video chat function, make it further to limited unauthorized access to the business enterprise.

Grasp Existing Security Options:

Few applications have dozens of their own security features. Instead of having plenty of security features within the application, there is still dire need to put further security measures of their own product. On the other hand, we have to implement significant resources to provide a secure, safe and sound security environment for customers. You have to address carefully software and utilize them with extent in conjunction with the security you have already applied placed. It will make sure for employees to work anytime, anywhere and it will rise the percentage of productivity, and there are plenty of others technologies which can bring distributed teams together. You just need to see that the other technologies are the lack of loopholes, but with the safe and sound security measures.


No doubt, cyber security is very essential in the technological world, 2017 is the year of major cyber-attacks. Every business enterprise in the world needs to secure their security systems, in order to prevent any security breaches. If you follow upper mention tactics and strategies, you will have safe and sound security system.


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