How to Start a Stunning Blog with Google Blogger in 2017.

Hello, Are you looking to create your 1st free stunning blog with google blogger? Here in this article, we going to cover the creation, design and important of blogger blog.

What is

What is is a blog publishing service that gives you the opportunity to create blogs in free. If you are new and you have not enough money to buy hosting, provides you free hosting with subdomain (like Blogger is also host registered custom domain of the blogger (Like
I will let you understand that blogger is one of the easiest ways to make a blog.

Requirements of creating blogger blog.

If you want to create blogger blog you need just a Gmail account and little knowledge of CSS and HTML. If you have then you can easily create a stunning blog with the blogger in 2017.

Steps to Start a Stunning Blog with Google Blogger.

  • Make your blog title.
  • Choose your domain name.
  • Add custom theme.
  • customize your blog.
  • create helpful content for readers.

Create your blogger blog

Choose your Domain name:

First of all signup on with your Gmail account and then select your domain name according to your niche, I mentioned that sub domain is in free but the high-level domain name is paid. you can buy a domain name on for only 1 dollar(use a coupon).

Click here to learn how to add a custom domain to blogger blog.

Add custom theme:

After the selection of domain name you need to choose default blogger theme you can choose any theme but after creating your blog, search on Google free Theme for blogger there are too many websites who allowed you to download a free theme and some are paid also, such as ‘,, and…

Download the theme and apply on your blog.

Customize your blog:

You can customize your blog by changing gadgets, with the help of gadgets you can easily customize your blog but keep in mind there are very few amount of gadgets provides by
You can display your blog’s archive, show blog labels in a list on every page or put your profile on every page with the help of gadgets.

Create your 1st stunning content:

Every blog’s success is depending on their valuable content for their readers. If your content is weak so your blog will be obviously failed to achieve his goal. Show some creativity on your content, if your contents are strong then carry on definitely your blog would be a successful blog.

To make your new post on your new blog just go to blogger blog dashboard>>New post button.

After that, the blogger post editor will be open.

Title your post:

In the title, box creates your new blog posts title. Give an eye catching title for your readers.

Content area.

In the content area of your blog post editor, write your stunning content for your readers. There are two tabs in the editor compose mode and HTML mode. In the compose mode “What You see is what you get” And in the HTML mode you can paste your HTML/javascript codes to be performed in the post view. Example, you can add embed videos, buttons, subscription box and any widget type code.

At the top of post editor:

At the top of blogger post editor, there are text formatting icons which will help you to perform different functionalities. Such as to add images & videos, bold your text, make headings, color the texts, make lists and much more.

Post Settings.

In this section of blogger post editor, you can create labels, set up date, structure your permalinks, Seo description of your post and some other options for user experiences.

Done! Now just click on “publish” button at the top left side to publish your new post for your readers.

5 Reasons to start a blog. 

  • You will become a good thinker and writer
  • Meet new people
  • Make some money
  • It will give you confidence
  • It’s free

You will become a good thinker and writer.

Condensing thoughts and ideas down into the written words is the best way to learn a topic without any doubt in mind it’s easy to have a bunch of thoughts and stuff in your brain of oh this is like this and this like this but it’s much harder to condense them and also condense in a way where you are teaching somebody something else and by that process you are going to become a better thinker, writer and you are also going to become smarter.

You will meet new people.

At the end of comments section or through e-mails, social media you can meet new people, you may be surprised at how quickly you meet people online because blogging community is friendly and encouraging.

You will make some money.

Some money means not some there are lots of money in this field because in starting you have not enough traffic but when your blog popular you have too much traffic you can earn through ads, or affiliate marketing etc

It will give you confidence.

Publishing your thoughts and feelings about something to the world is a little scary I know for us we hid behind our blog for awhile we are afraid to put our faces on it because we were afraid of people would say but when we started to putting our self out there we got a bunch of positive feedback and that feedback give us more confidence.

It’s free.

You can start a blog today without spending any investment even a single rupee. I use WordPress and highly recommend it but if you want in free of cost is a good choice.

3 Reasons you should not start a blog with

1 .Blogger support is bad
2 .Limited control
3 .Customization appearance

Blogger support is bad.

There is very limited support available for blogger. When you are in problem and you want supports of blogger team reply comes from reboot and machine. In terms of support, you have a very limited support.

Limited control gives you very limited control to your blog. They don’t let you do any changes in your blog and all control in the hands of blogger and Google that’s why most people do not recommend you to start your blog with
Note: I recommend you if you want to create a professional blog use WordPress platform.

Customization appearance provides you very limited themes and you can only modify colors and layout which are provided by those themes.
But on the other paid platforms like WordPress here we have thousands of themes and easy to customize it and lots of plugins and gadgets for magnifying your blog.

Blogging Mistake: 3 Thinks not to do when starting a blog.

1.Do not start in a niche you are not passionate about
2. Do not give up
3. Do not focus on earning

Do not start in a niche you are not passionate about.

This is one of the big problems that I see blogger make all the time and I’ve had the same problem in the past, the problem is choosing the wrong niche of your blogger.
Choose your niche according to your skills and your interest.

Do not give up

In this world everything is possible but everything is not easy, and blogging is not easy.
It is time taken process it takes effort and passion that’s why blogging is best works when you cover a topic which you love.
Write your posts in your personal tone and your experience and the knowledge you know about your topic.
So if you’re interested in blogging and you have a passionate niche, start blogging today work hard and never give up.

Do not focus on earning

I have an example of my friend
When he was started blogging in 2010 He doesn’t know about he can earn money from his blog he was started his blog because blogging is his passion and he wanted to teach to the whole world what he knows, and he did not make money with his blog for almost 3 years but when he started to make money with his blog, his first earning is $300 which is very considerable.
So do not focus on your earning growth in the start if your content is very powerful, your success is sure, you need to focus on your content, and your earning will auto increase.

At the End
In above, all I mentioned are my personal view, experience, and opinion.
If you gain some knowledge in this article please appreciate my work and share with your friends who want to start a stunning blog in free and also give your feedback in the comment section because your feedbacks gives more confidence.

About the Author: Mubashar Iftikhar

Mudassir Iftikhar is Author of GiftLenders. He is a Pro Writer, Blogging Lover, Affiliate Marketer, and Youtuber. Follow Him On FaceBook & Youtube

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  1. I’ve never understood Blogger this is why I jumped onto WordPress. But after reading this post, I see that it’s not so difficult as I thought. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

  2. very Informative Article but i m not agree with you about blogger Design because there had so many Responsive Template you can Easily Installed on your Blogger Blog.

    1. You are right I also mentioned about custom theme instalation but custom theme are not blogger’s default theme.

  3. I have noticed that your website needs some fresh content.

    Writing manually takes a lot of time, but there is tool for this boring task, search for;
    Wrastain’s tools for content

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