Speech Therapy Service Agreement

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The aim of therapy services is to adapt, adapt and strengthen the Community`s capacity for participation. Eat Speak Learn offers tailored language pathology services and will recommend best practice therapeutic assistance to achieve the client`s goals. I want to offer the best quality of care. If you believe that no service has been provided with a reasonable degree of care and skill, please contact me to discuss it as soon as possible. I am registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) as a practice. This means that I meet professional clinical standards, as established by the HCPC. A copy of the standards can be downloaded from the HCPC website. These visits are only made with the consent of the parents. These are charged for the first hour (or half an hour) plus The trip with 65 USD.

One hour is usually sufficient, but if the session lasts much longer, a proportional surcharge can be charged as above. The therapy can be done regularly at school or at home. When home/school activities are offered, it is the responsibility of parents/facilitators to ensure that therapeutic materials are returned on the appropriate day and to inform us if their child is not in school. I strive to provide quality care. All the information I have provided is based on evidence, but no explicit or tacit guarantees are provided. I am not responsible for the validity or accuracy of the materials or ideas presented by other people, groups or companies. The therapy, programs and advice I have are designed to inform and/or facilitate improvements in aspects of communication. Unfortunately, some communication difficulties, diseases or disorders do not respond well to treatment and recovery may be slow or not at all. In some cases, communication may deteriorate further over time. Programs, activities, ideas and information should not lead to a cure or a guarantee of improved communication difficulties. I cannot be held responsible for the fact that therapies and/or programs are poorly performed by other people.

When the first contact call has taken place, I recommend that your child assess their language, voice and communication skills. Evaluation is a collaborative process in which the expertise of you, the parent/guardian, and the therapist are brought together to give you an idea of your child`s abilities. As your child`s primary caretaker, your contribution to this process and throughout your child`s therapeutic journey is essential. I reserve the right to update the above terms and conditions at any time. If substantial changes are made to the conditions, I will inform the parents/caregivers of the children currently in charge of the file of the email address indicated in the details you provide me. It is the responsibility of parents/facilitators to inform me of changes to personal data, including private address, telephone numbers and email addresses, so that I can provide you with up-to-date and up-to-date information.

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