Top 14 Best Free & Premium Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins.

Social Content Locker WordPress plugins are the best way to improve social media performance and activities of your WordPress blog/Website.

We already share a tutorial about share to unlock the download for blogger users. But today we going to share 10+ social content locker plugins for WordPress users.

But first, why should we have to use social plugin for WordPress blog or any blog. Social content locker locks the content for your visitor until your visitor doesn’t share your content to their social profiles. It may be Their facebook profile or twitter and Google+ profile. So That means the social content locker lets you hide some of your content for your visitors. Until your visitor doesn’t share with the help of the given Social icons.

With the help of these plugins, you can hide videos of your site as well.

Social Content Locker is the best way to increase social media activity of your blog or Website.

Premium Social Content Locker WordPress Plugins.

1#: Content Locker Pro By MTS.

Content Locker Pro is a premium WordPress plugin by Mythemeshop. Content locker pro is the best and at number one in the premium Social lockers Plugins List.

If you have a valuable content that your visitor needs or want to read then use this powerful plugin to exchange reads into the subscribers, shares, and likes.

Content locker pro is the best and most powerful way to gain social media activities. Such as Likes, Tweet, +g, and Shares. And it is also the best way to increase mailing list or subscriber of your website/Blog. Because you can also add a subscriber’s box in the place of social icons. This useful and powerful plugin is having 16 unique locking designs. It’s mean you can choose your favorite one that looks perfect with your blog/website design.

Content Locker Pro will help you to convert your visitors into customers. Content Locker Pro is easy to use for admin and for visitors as well. Content locker pro gives you access to the very most advanced techniques for growing your visitors, But it makes simple and easy for your visitors to use.


2#: Social Share & Locker Pro WP Plugin.

It is a high quality and very useful plugin that can play a very important role to increase your social media performance of the website. The social share & locker pro WordPress plugin offers amazing and special  10 themes. They are very responsive and felt retina templates styles. Basically, it is social share icons plugin for WordPress posts but it also works for the social content locker.

Social Share & Locker Pro plugin is far away best social sharing and content locker plugin WordPress plugin ever. If you want to convert your visitors or users into customers then it is the best tool to use. The content locker section of this plugin contains 8 beautiful custom locker them. With responsive and Unique designs. Which looks great and perfect on any devices. And It also includes 10 (ten) standard and beautiful social icons templates.



3#: Easy Social Locker Premium WP Plugin.

Easy social Locker Pro allows you to lock any page or content of your WordPress website. Your content will be hidden until your visitor doesn’t take any action with the following social media icons.

Easy social locker is the best and unique tool that can generate more shares and likes to your WordPress website contents. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Social media are nowadays best two ways to bring traffic to your website. Or increase publications of your online business or website. Social media is the powerful way to get best and unique traffic to a website. And social media is also to get the best result in SEO.

So don’t miss this powerful and useful tool if you have valuable content for peoples on your website. To exchange your downloads or reads into shares, likes, and traffic from social media.



4#: Opt-In Content Locker Premium Plugin.

Opt-In Content Locker plugin lets you lock your important and useful content of your WordPress website. And display these locked contents only for your WordPress blog subscribers. This Plugin is the best way to increase your mailing list or blog subscriber Which will be a great source of traffic for your website from their inbox.

Because if your visitor or user wants to view or unlock your locked content they must provide their real name and email to get access to the content. Opt-In supports differents popular mailing list providers such MailChimp, Get Responsive, Sendy, Mad Mimi, and much more. Now you will agree that Opt-In is the perfect way to increase your mailing List.



5#: Viral Lock Premium Social Content Locker Plugin.


The Viral Lock plugin will make your site go viral by asking your visitors to unlock this valuable content you must Likes, Share, and Tweet.

With Viral Lock plugin, you can increase your social media networks performance of your blog. The amazing and Powerful plugin protect your valuable content until a visitor or user don’t share, likes, G+  or tweet it.

Viral Lock plugin is proven way/method for increasing performance of your site and  Online business with social media. If you get more Google+  shares you will get better SEO of your site.



6#: Social Locker For WordPress By OnePress.


You must give visitors or users why they need to click social icons of your WordPress blog. Even if people’s likes content of your blog. But they don’t click the social share icons of your content because they don’t worry about your hard work and your benefits and traffic.

You must ask visitors of your blog to pay with shares, like, and tweets to get access to this valuable content. So with the help of this Social locker plugin, you can do this work easily. It will be easy for you and as well for your visitors.

The Social Locker is the perfect way to force visitors to pay for this important content. It is the most unique and advanced way to get quality followers and attract more traffic from social media networks.



7#: Social Video Locker For WP.

The social video Locker is a high quality and powerful plugin. That will help you to hide any Youtube or Vimeo videos behind social icons. There will be no way to watch the video until a visitor doesn’t act on a given social icons.

The useful plugin social video locker supports 4 different social networks and 5 buttons. You can hide unlimited videos per page. The proven way to increase your social media traffic and views. Social video locker is compatible with any type of browser.




Free Social Content Locker Plugins.


1#: Content Locker Free Version By MTS.


Content Locker free by MTS is the free version of the above plugin “Content locker pro”. It is the best free content locker plugin.

Content locker free is the tool that can transfer your online business or website and take it into new next level. By increasing your Mailing list and Social media performance. The best happiness is that because this plugin is for free. Wow!


It’s very responsive plugin with very beautiful designs. It’s easy to use for both admin and visitors. It will help any valuable content owner to increase their website social media activities. This plugin helps you to drive unique social media traffic. And it will help you to increase daily subscriber list as well.


2#: OnePress Social Locker Free WP Plugin.

OnePress is very popular content locker plugin in WordPress community today with 20,000+ Active installs. And you will be happy because this great and best plugin is for free of cost. Wow! It’s amazing

Just like other’s content locker plugins it also works same. The plugin helps you to lock your most valuable content for your visitors until they don’t take a step of shares or likes with help of their social profile.

This beautiful and useful plugin helps you to improve the performance of social media activities of your website. It forces your visitors or users to get the valuable content you must take a step of shares, likes, G+ or tweets.


3#: OnePress Opt-In Panda Free.

The best boosting tool of the visitor into subscriber and customers. This Plugin gives visitor or user a reason if you want to access the content you must subscribe my blog.

With the help of this plugin, you can hide your premium content ( e.g Downloads, Important Contents, Videos and So-on) for unsubscribed users. Until they don’t subscribe the blog/website.

The Powerful free plugin easily let you convert visitors into subscribers and customers.

OnePress Opt-In panda supports many differents email list providers such as Mail Chimp, GetResponsive, Aweber and other services.


About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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