How to Properly Setup Facebook Instant Articles on Blogger Blog.

If you Ever heard or not about Facebook Instant Articles or wanting to add it to your Blogger blog. So after reading this article, you will completely understand instant articles and do it by yourself on your blog.


Today I am going explain to you How to Setup Facebook Instant Article on Blogger Blog with step by step instruction.

Firstly, let’s learn Something about Facebook Instant Articles.

Instant Article is a new feature of Facebook which allows website owners to load their content 10x times faster by using a customized mobile form. It is based on the same technology used in Facebook apps for mobile devices. And it also quite similar to the google amp project.

Here publishers post their any type of articles for the betterment of Facebook users because it’s loading time is 10X faster than the standard mobile web. And in return publishers get revenue through ads directly from Facebook instead of any Third Party.

Why You Need To setup Facebook Instant Article on Blogger Blog?

Overall 90 percent of Facebook users use Facebook on mobile and Instant Articles are fully optimized for mobile that’s why Instant Articles more appear on.

Facebook Instant Article helps you to gain more followers because of this type of articles 20 Percent more share than normal. Many Popular sites are using Facebook Instant Article such as the VergeTechCrunch, RearFront. It means Facebook Instant Article has more value. Is it a great idea for publishers to put their content directly on Facebook just because they load quicker?

Below video will show you How Facebook Instant articles look.

Pros and Cons:

Before you go ahead to installing process to install it on your website, you need to know some Pros and Cons which are following:


  • It helps you for getting more readers of your Articles.
  • Instant Articles more shared than others.
  • It’s free.
  • You will get revenue from Facebook through ads.
  • It provides a better experience for your reader because these type of page load 10X faster than others.


  • Your sidebar will not be shown in Instant Articles for fast loading speed.
  • Third-Party ads will not appear on Instant Articles for the same thing.
  • Facebook auto reduce the number of images and videos for Super fast loading.

Requirements to Setup Facebook Instant Article on Blogger Blog.

  • Facebook Fan Page.
  • 5+ Well written Content.
  • Blog or Website.
  • Patience (Waiting for Approval)

If you fulfill above requirements and agree after reading Pros and Cons to setup Facebook Instant Articles on Blogger blog or website, you need to follow these steps.

Step 01

Sign up for Facebook Instant Articles

After login, you need to select the page in which you want to setup Facebook Instant Articles, then accept the agreement and then click on Access Instant Articles tools.

then click on continue

After clicking on Continue, Now your selected page is your Facebook Instant Article Section.

Now you need to connect your site for importing Instant Articles, for this, you need to click on authorize your site.

Now page scroll to the tools section where you see a snippet code.

For connecting your site, you need to add this snippet code below <head> tag in your website’s HTML.

Open and then click on the theme on the left menu then click on edit HTML.

Now you need to press Ctrl+F and search <head> and just below paste the code.

After adding your instant code just click on save theme button.

How to claim?

Now Go back to publishing tools page. Then you need to enter your website URL and then click on Claim URL.

If you have done everything correctly, you will see this that your site has been claimed.

Now you need to add your website RSS because after adding RSS, it can automatically fetch information about your articles when they are published on your site.

For RSS, you need to go on website Dashboard >> Setting >> others and then site feed, Make sure your site feed setting according to the below screenshot.

If your setting already allows full blog posts feed then you no need to change your setting.

Now you can get your website RSS Feed URL by adding /feeds/posts/default?alt=rss after your site URL.

Like this >

Replace my website URL with your site URL and then paste it into Production RSS Feed and then click on save.

Now you will see your feed update popup message, So click on okay

Now open the page >> publishing tools and then click on Production Articles which is below Instant Articles section. If you have performed everything accurately, you will see a list of published articles on your Website.

Step 02

Adding Logo

In this section, you are able to customize some components of articles such as the font color, font family, and the logo, etc

Uploading Logo is necessary for submitting your page for review.

How to Upload Logo?

Open page >> Publishing tools >> Configuration which is under Instant Articles. Scroll down and click on style from Tools Section and then click on add Style.

Now you need to click on the logo and then click on choose Logo.

Image requirements

  • Must be a PNG file.
  • minimum dimension 690px by 132px.

After uploading the logo, click on Save.

Step 03

Submitting for Review

Before going to submitting your page for instant articles make sure that you have at least 5 or more articles on your website and then submit for review.

Open your page >> Publishing tools and then click on Submit for Review which is under Initial setup>> Step 2: Submit For review.

If everything is okay, then you will be able to submit for consideration. It will take 1-3 business days for reviewing your application by the Facebook team.

Await For Approval

We hope that the above steps help you to setup Facebook Instant Article on Blogger Blog. If you have any doubt and queries about Setup Facebook Instant Article on Blogger Blog feel free to ask in the comment section.

After Approval

Let suppose that your fan page gets approved (which is not so difficult). It will really help you in your Business, Brand or Blog. As I mentioned that you can also earn from Instant Articles. You can make money facebook through ads, the best network to monetize your instant Articles is Facebook Audience Network. 

At the End

Hence finally we’ve come at the end of this Tutorial, and I hope you learned how to setup facebook instant article on the blogger blog.

If you like this Tutorial do share with your friends, family and your stunning social media profiles.

About the Author: Mubashar Iftikhar

Mudassir Iftikhar is Author of GiftLenders. He is a Pro Writer, Blogging Lover, Affiliate Marketer, and Youtuber. Follow Him On FaceBook & Youtube

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  1. Thanks you So much For sharing This Amazing Helpful Article. But I have still some questions in my mind.

    Is Facebook Instant Articles is best for your Website? How much we can earn?
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  2. I have applied for instant article a long time ago on blogger but the article body texts are missing. I am thinking it is blogger platform as most wp users don’t have that isuses.

  3. Hi thanks for this clear post. I have one question, why must we set the posts to FULL? I am a bit confused because won’t that make our homepages terribly untidy? So no ability to have a ‘READ MORE’ on the break section of a post? Instead full long posts on the main page?

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