Top 10 Safest Websites To Buy Backlinks For Your Niche Sites.

Backlinks are a great way towards link building. But getting backlinks from other site is the most laborious task for bloggers and webmasters. In this case, I can recommend you for trying purchased backlinks for your website. But before you go ahead to buy, make sure the platform or person you’re choosing is safe and trustful. So here we bring some top ways to obtain backlinks for your online business.

Although building links should be earned than purchased, but getting backlinks makes link building for your blog or website easier. Buying backlinks is thereby a choice for link advertisers and publishers. Purchasing backlinks customize and automate your queuing links without any hassle. Creating sites authority these backlinks will help your link gain more and high search engine results.


Almost every kind of niche will get their job done by buying these backlinks. Backlinks are inbound links and do impact ranking on your site. Thereby, the quality of backlinks is a matter of concern, and I am sharing them with you today. Now promote your website and build a brand name by shared backlinks in this post on “10 Best Websites to Buy Backlinks for your Niche Sites”.


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List of Dofollow forum sites which allow dofollow backlinks.

Importance Of Backlinks In SEO.

How does Google determine which website to rank number one, two, and three? It comes down to SEO, right? Well, it’s more in-depth than that. Google has over 200 ranking factors, and the number one factor that affects the ranking most is backlinks. Moz SEO company interviewed tons of marketing and SEO experts and they asked them what factors affect google’s rankings the most? They all said Backlinks. So, backlinks are the key to open the door of SEO of your website.

Is your website not ranking well for your most important keywords? The chances are that you don’t have enough high-quality links pointing to your site. Everybody knows that search engine friendly inbound links are still at the core of every successful SEO strategy. But because of Google’s algorithm is constantly changing, it has become much harder to get backlinks that help rather than hurt your search engine rankings, luckily there’s a solution for you. The solution is that you should buy real backlinks to your site. There are lots of link building services for professionals. We have summarized some of the best and safest platform for you to buy backlinks to your niche.

Links Management 1st Websites To Buy Backlinks.

The Links Management is the best and safest website to buy backlinks to your site niche. I strongly recommend links management because of their easy, reliable & safe services.

Links Management is the best one as it is very economical and content for as low as $1 is available. The Links management adds links manually. Selection not the only condition and to remove any doubts against these backlinks you should check the Google indexing for the same.
LinksManagement work as the agents between two parties like one of them will be the customer (the advertiser), and the other one will be the owner of the website who will provide the link commonly called the publisher).
They provide very high-quality links for a price as low as $0.15, and it is free to join and create an account on them.

Why Should You Use LinksManagement?

  • Links management is recommended & reviewed by top bloggers and webmasters.
  • The LinksManagement is a platform, which is one of its kind, designed for the SEO experts and webmasters. It helps the advertisers to find relevant PR2 to PR10 contextual/H-Q links, through which one can improve their website’s Google rankings.
  • Backlinks price less the 1$.
  • They provide a smooth interface for tracking the results and seeing your reports.
  • The links you buy will come from relevant pages with DA40-DA100.
  • The links management service is providing links since 2006. They have huge success stories.
  • You’ll boost your site/blog traffic up to 10,000-30,000 visitors/month and increase sales for more than 117% by bringing your site to the Top 10 of the search results.
  • You can make money from your blog by joining their affiliate program.

Watch the below video A friend is sharing his success story for using links management. That’s why I and thousands of webmaster and SEO professional believe in links management.


Post links is another great website to buy safe and trustful links to your site. The platform is easy to join at the rate of $49. Post links connect advertisers and publishers in one platform where advertisers can buy good HQ backlinks and publishers can make a handsome revenue. If you have a good site you can submit your site to post links as a publisher.

It involves backlinks from high-quality publishers and top ranking pages. They are genuine and real and do not entertain bidding. So get free fresh targeted content to your blog by using them.

The website post links provide genuine real backlinks to their customers, And also it helps publishers to make money from their website contents.

A site’s authority with the search engines is largely based on the quantity and quality of the sites that link to it. The ranking of is quite high which has made it popular sites to buy backlinks. Improve your ranking too with backlinks.

The is one of the most renowned sites to buy very HQ Backlinks for your niche site. You can use your debit card or credit card to purchase the Back-links for your website, and if you want, then you can use your PayPal account to buy back-links from

Black Hat Links

The Blackhat link tool provide High PR, Web 2.0, NEW Social Signals and much more!

They provide large or bulk backlinks rather giving one or two. The result of these backlinks is easily observable in within an hour. You can buy 50-200 backlinks and are do follow. Also, the sites from which they buy links have low OBL, outbound links. The best part of their services for delivering work within an hour you do not need to wait for days. This is very awesome service which is recommended by many peoples.


Up Work

It is quite different from others as you need to hire freelancers. It thereby becomes quite expensive as your work is conducted by freelancers and price increases per hour with quality. Hire freelancers with confidence, always knowing their work experience and feedback from other clients. This is the best freelancing service which I trust the most. Because it shows all works done by the freelancer your hiring.

The Hoth LinkBuilding Services.

The Hoth is another manual link building tool. With enhancing the performance of your website this software is for link management, which helps in managing the sale of a text link. If your website is indexed by Google, then you will get the head start, and then the page score will secure the monetization facility.


This site is amazing and it also promises you to give you the most effective way to skyrocket your site on Google SERPs is to build a variety of high-quality backlinks to your website. Their handpicked team of link-builders are SEO specialists who have played the SEO game for almost 15 years! The BHQB services will surely move your site higher and rule the Google SERPs! They also take orders of backlinks rather than one or two. The backlinks they provide all normal links means do-follow which gives google’s a vote for your site.

Backlinks Rocket.

Backlinks Rocket is trusted by Thousands of clients worldwide because of their best SEO services. By using their SEO services, you will get powerful Backlinks, which will earn you good search engine rankings in any of your favorite keywords. With the help of this site, you will also be able to obtain the benefit of social media as well. Search engines like Google pay considerable attention to social media backlinks. They are a highly efficient viral feedback for your website.
The Backlinks Rocket is trusted by Thousands of clients worldwide because of their best SEO services. Backlinks Rocket is also providing .edu backlinks which one .edu backlink is equal to 100 normal backlinks. They have different packages from $59 to $99. All packages are very cheap, safe and reliable.


People per hour one leading name in the freelancing world. It is a community of curated freelance talent available to work for you remotely at the click of a button. You can hire any best backlinks providers you want.

He will help you to boosts your search ranking with the Backlinks, and it does its job better than others. There are lots of freelancers who are offering do follow backlinks for high authority sites, Such as IBM, Thenextweb, HuffPost and much more.


This is one the famous name and many of you might be aware of it. You can buy backlinks and gigs. Again quantity and quality both matters before buying as automated tools can proof harmful too so be careful. Make sure the person your dealing must be a trustful and fully nice experienced person.

LinkWheel.Pro-Link Building Services.

Link Wheel pro is another excellent website to buy trusted backlinks.
If you are looking forward to purchasing EDU backlinks, this is the site where you can buy right .edu backlinks. The .edu backlinks can increase your blog’s ranking very quickly because they are highly trusted backlinks. This site also provides .Gov backlinks. The main reason they’re so valuable is that these types of domains have a much high authority and trust, much more significant than your popular .com & .net domains.

But before you go ahead, make it sure you have to select the package carefully at the start. Once you start noticing some of your keywords moving great in Google SERP, you can start buying more links from this website.


Final Words On Websites To Buy Backlinks

SEO and Web experts agree that the rankings of your website are 10% due to on-site optimization and 90% dependant on the quality and amount of links back to your site. Any inbound link is considered a vote for your site.

Backlinks prove essential and beneficial for achieving top ranking in less time. It’s my special suggestion to use them carefully as in the bulk of backlinks there are many which prove harmful to your website or make your website penalized by Google. So do full research before undertaking backlinks. Wishing great success from BloggingTechBlog.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.


  1. Hy, Jalil Mehar
    This All List is too Great, But I have a Confusion about buying Links I have Heard that Buying Links is Very Harmful they Just give a Boost in Begging but Then those Link Harm Our Blog Ranking in Search Engines. What you think sir?

  2. hi i don’t think that buying links is a good idea because I bought links before from fiverr and it didn’t get my ranking up at all and I am saying this 1 year after buying them and they are from websites like Amazon so there is a way that search engine figures out if these links are bought or not ? does anyone agree?

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