How to Properly Install & Configure Google AMP To WordPress Site.

You may properly notice that recently some search results are started loading 5x faster. You may also notice this results in twitter which some of the websites links open without heavy browsing. This may especially occur on mobile phones. Do you know or wants to know what is this and how to do this? So today we going to cover this topic that how can we make our pages as fast just like them. But before we go a head let me tell you what is this?

It is actually AMP, and AMP stands for “Accelerated mobile pages” let me tell you clearly what is AMP? Keep reading! or watch this intro video.


What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)?

accelerated mobile pages

The AMP project started in 2016 by top technology companies google and twitter. AMP project provides an open source initiative that optimized mobile pages to load them extremely faster everywhere. The AMP enables the creations of websites that are consistently asked beautiful and high-performance across devices and distribution platforms.

The primary goal of this project to load websites faster and improve the user’s experience. This project is supported by most popular companies like google, facebook, twitter and many differents browsers.

AMP ON mobile search results.

The Amp supports many latest versions of respective popular browsers like google chrome, opera, firefox, safari and Microsoft EDGE. AMP (Accelerated mobiles pages) also supports desktop, mobiles, tablets and any web view version of these browsers.

Pros & Cons Of Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

Before we go a head let’s cover some pros and cons of  Google AMP.

Pros of AMP as following below:

  1. The Google AMP is really great for those sites which are having huge traffic from mobiles devices. Because it is super fast that will helps your users to engage with your website/blog.
  2. Some of the SEO experts say that AMP is helpful for search engines rankings. We will cover about this discussion below that what they say and why? Keep reading
  3. But one of the best factors of AMP ( Accelerated mobiles pages) is that it improves your website users experience with super fast loading speed. Even run fast with very low internet connections.

Cons of Google AMP as following below:

After considering these 3 above pros of the AMP there are also some cons of it. Let’s see

  1. AMP uses limited technology from your websites. That means certain things might not load from your site such as widgets, some useful plugins. E.g Whenever you lock some contents on your page with social content locker plugin from your site for social media activities. But whenever you setup AMP on your website the plugin will be disabled automatically on amp pages.  
  2. There might be also some potential loss of mobile traffic in the starting of AMP.

Google AMP (Accelerated Mobiles Pages) For SEO( Search Engines Optimization).

Many webmasters and Seo experts say that Google AMP is a ranking factor for SEO. But official blog of Google is not announced yet any information about AMP is a ranking signal. But we can still believe for some great reasons that AMP is a ranking booster. Here are the reasons below!

  • The biggest Seo reasons come up in our minds is that because AMP pages show up on the google news carousel which is given the top of the search results.

  • The another big Seo reason is load time of a website. Because load time is a major and popular factor of Seo. So we know that the AMP is specially designed for speed of pages on mobile devices. Therefore the less time your website takes to load, the higher you get rank in searches. And The more your content gets seen by the audience.
  • The bounce rate of a website: The AMP will not only speed your blog as well it reduces the bounce rate of your blog. While the bounce rate is the most popular and best SEO ranking factor of a website. We know that a low bounce rate helps search engines to validate the pages of a website that are helpful for users and readers.


Why You Should Implement Google AMP on your Website?

Do you actually know how many percentages of mobile users left the websites which load slowly? Let me tell you there are 53% of mobile users end up abandoning the websites even before it loads. The AMP tool limits the elements on the web pages to the most basic and fastest web technologies. The AMP stripped-down the version of HTML, Javascript, and CSS. So AMP will not allow your users to leave your site before it loads. Because your site will be load without any heavy browsing.

The best benefits of AMP is that AMP pages are cached and posted on the google servers which speech things up even more. See the below screenshot.


How To Install Google AMP On WordPress Site.?

Now time to completely install google AMP to your WordPress. In order to install AMP functionality in your WordPress you just only need to install two plugins. There are two plugins in the WordPress community to implement AMP to your WordPress. They are listed below.

Watch this video to properly install the AMP to your WordPress.

Step: #1.

1#: AMP.

2#: AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages.

 Developers website.

The 1st plugin which is called “AMP” allow you enable amp pages to your WordPress. And the 2nd plugin “AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages” helps you to customized your amp pages according to your needs. 

AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages

Just go to WordPress plugin area and install and activate these two plugins in your WordPress.

How to check AMP is activated on your WordPress website?

In order to check just to any of your post or page URLs, in the last of URL just type /amp.



ScreenShot Example:

Step #2.

After installing and activating these plugins in your WordPress. You will see a new tab of AMP plugin in your WordPress dashboard. Just click on it and go to the AMP “Getting Started” pages to configure and design your pages. 

Step #3 General settings.

In this step, we are going to learn and discuss “general tab setting” of AMP Plugin. In the general settings, you can upload a logo for your AMP website. Which logo recommended size is 190×36 you can also add your custom logo size to make your logo looks clear and perfect. In the general settings, there is an important option you just need to enable it. It is “AMP on Pages”. Make sure you have enabled this option. This option helps you enable AMP on all of your website pages and posts. 


Step #4: Design Tab.

In this tab, you can build your posts your own way with the help of “lunch post builder”. You can change the layout elements of your AMP page with help of this builder. Just click on the lunch post builder button and A new will open and let you customize and build your amp pages.

After clicking on launch post builder button you will be redirected to this page something like this. See the below screenshot. In this post builder tool, you can customize your post area with according to your needs with given supported options. You can drag and drop the following options to make your post page looks perfect. You can also change header text color, header background color, links colors, and color scheme on this page.


Step #5: Single tab Options.

In this tab, you will be able to enable some options such as enable Social Icons in single, Modified Date, Author Bio, in the posts, related posts on the post pages.

Step #6: Advertisement tab.

The advertisement tab helps you to place Google Adsense ads in your 6 supported area of AMP pages. Like below the header, below the footer, above the post content, below the post content, below the title, and above the related posts. The free version of this plugin only supports Google Adsense ads. If you want to add any kind of ads in your website so please purchase their premium version. BUY AMP Ads Extension here.

  • To add advertisements to your amp go to your Google Adsense account>> go to my ads tab>> create a new ad unit or use existing ad unit>> Now copy your publisher and ad unit id.

  • Now go to your wordpress>>AMP Settings>> Advertisement tab and paste your publisher id and ad AD slot id here on any of supported ads area.

Demo of advertisements in your AMP website.

Social Tab:

In this tab of amp plugin, you can enable or disable following social icons for your WordPress AMP site.

SEO Tab:

This is a very important section of this plugin here you can customize SEO features of your amp pages. In this tab, you can allow meta tags, index, and no-index Options for pages and categories.

Adding Google analytics to amp:

You can add google analytics tracking to your amp pages to track the visitors and users stats.

To add google analytics to your amp just log in to your google account>> go to your analytics home tab>> just copy the analytics tracking code.

Now go back to WordPress AMP panel>>Anyltics tab>> just paste your code to google analytics code box. And click on save changes.


Other useful features of AMP for WP Plugins:

There are lots of useful features other you can use and edit to make your amp website more and more awesome.

Such as Disqus and Facebook comment system enabling, contact form, notification and advance options.

Final Words Should you implement AMP to your WordPress?

The answer is yes. Implementing AMP pages on WordPress site can easily increase your site speed and helps you to stay on top in all Search Engines. AMP helps you to decrease your website bounce rate for your mobile users.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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