Exclusive Places to Promote Your Blog Post to Gain Traffic

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You might not know, but there are 4 exclusive places to promote your blog post to gain more traffic and visitors. These places are very popular and have a lot of potential visitors that will then give more traffic for your blog post. That is why; when you want to gain more visitors, you need to promote your blog post on those places. You can do the promotion regularly to make sure that the visitor will regularly see your promotion and be interested to visit it regularly as well. Here are 4 places that you can use to promote your post and increase traffic for your blog.

4 Exclusive Places to Promote Your Blog Post to Gain More Traffics

  1. Search engine

The best 4 exclusive places to promote your blog post is the search engine since it is the main method used by potential reader to find blogs. That is why, you need to have high rank in search engine to make sure that the reader will find your website easier. Ranking high in search engine means that you need to compete with several competitors blog. And to do that, you need to have good SEO applied to your blog post and entire website. Thus, try to learn more about SEO to do this.

  1. Social media

Nowadays people spend more of their time in social media, this is why, it is also become a good place to promote your blog. While a lot of big company puts ads in social media to promote their product, not everyone has budget to do so. However, that does not mean you cannot promote your blog post in social media. All you need to do is to put link of your blog post on various social media with the right tags so people can find it easily. You might even need to put the link with various content such as video or image to attract more visitors to see it.

  1. Forums

One of the 4 exclusive places to promote your blog post is forums. Of course, you need to promote it in the right forums that are related to your blog post content. Furthermore, those forums reader usually like to have discussion, so you might be able to open a new thread where you repost some content from your blog post to start the discussion. Then when people see your post is interesting and useful for them, they might be interested to visit your blog so do not forget to put your blog post link as the source for the thread.

  1. Subscription email

If you already have regular reader, you need to make sure that they will visit your website regularly. One method to do that is to send email to your subscription reader to informed them that there is a new post in your blog that might be interested for them to read. However, avoid to send them spam email which makes them unsubscribe from your email.

Those are 4 exclusive places to promote your blog post that you can use to increase visitors and traffic on your website.