Increase Blog Traffic by Optimizing Images on Content

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You can actually increase blog traffic by optimizing images used in your content and anywhere else in your website. However, most blogger often ignore this and think that good content is enough for them to get high traffic. While good content is important, having the right image is also as important. Especially since the image is also part of your content which actually gives dramatic impact on the visitors experience when visiting your website. Furthermore, images actually attract more traffic to your blog, which means it is important for you to optimized your image. Here are some things that you need to do to optimized the image to increase your blog traffic.

Increase Blog Traffic by Optimizing Images on Website Content

  1. Rename the image

When you take a picture with your camera or phone, they will have a default format that is used to name the image. While it is worked for the device, it is not good for your website since the name is not describing the image correctly. Instead of using the default format, before uploading your image, try to rename the image accordingly. Use plain and simple wording that makes people understand the image right away. This will also help your image easily found on search engine which then will increase blog traffic by optimizing images.

  1. Set alt attributes

After you have set the right name for your image, do not forget that you also need to put alt attributes to the image after you upload it into your website. This alt attribute is important since it will be used by the website to show the image as a text alternative when there is something happen and the image cannot be properly load. That way, your visitor will know that there is a related image on the page even when they cannot see it. It will also increase SEO value of your content which eventually increase your traffic.

  1. Choose the right dimension and size

While you think you can increase blog traffic by optimizing images using the largest image dimension, that is not entirely true. Large image size will make visitors easily see the image, however, it will also take longer time to load them. Most visitors will want to read your content right away and some would not be patient enough to wait for your image to load. This is why, you need to choose the right dimension for your page to load faster.

  1. Choose the right format

There are various image formats that you can use, but to optimized user experience, you need to choose the right format carefully. It is better to use PNG for simple image that needs good quality. Meanwhile JPEG is good to be used with robust and colorful image. Then for animated image you can use GIF format.

  1. Optimized the thumbnails

Thumbnails can really bring visitors to open other pages in your website. But it will also kill your website if they are too long to load. That is why optimized it carefully and choose the smallest size image possible to make them load faster.

Those are several methods that you can use to increase blog traffic by optimizing images on your content.

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