Online Rent Agreement Hard Copy

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Can I get a refund if I receive my copy of my lease within 48 hours of work after biometric verification? No, it depends entirely on the respective sub-registrar office and the work pressure they have some time, it may take longer than usual, but we can assure you that you receive your document and in such cases we complain to the respective division of delay. I. Our employee can only fill out your biometric data after 7 hours of work (9-18 hours) according to a) form, b) draft authorization by the landlord and tenant c) full payment / partial payment (covering government costs) of the amount of the invoice (with the project sent)… II. Please note: “We do not take help from broker or outside agent. We have our own partners” III. In addition, we do not make an emergency agreement online for immediate needs and we do not make an online rental agreement for people who travel from other cities to Pune/Mumbai (with their property in Pune/Mumbai) just to pass their biometric scan…… IV. Offline agreements (by visiting sub-offices) for people travelling from other cities to Pune/Mumbai and owning a property in Pune/Mumbai can be concluded, provided that all formalities are completed 48 hours before the visit of the sub-registration….

How long does it take for the agreement to be copied after biometric verification? According to government guidelines, it takes 48 hours of work, but it depends on the availability and work pressure of the regional office concerned, sometimes it may take longer, but not more than 15 days of work. Docuinkk has a group of experienced employees (including lawyers) with tremendous experience in manufacturing all types of documents, including online leasing. He made a large number of documents in Maharashtra very efficient, efficient and fast. As a general rule, the lease is registered within 6 business days. If the government website does not work or does not work, it may take a few more days for the agreement to be registered. What documents are required? For owners – PAN and AADHAR, only tenant- AADHAR, only witness- AADHAR. In the case of the holder`s power of attorney, a soft copy of the proxy documents.

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