Most Common Type of Backlinks

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This is a simple, short list of a few different types of Common Backlinks that you can try to get for your website. All of these links are available naturally, and most of these can have Anchor Text attached to them.

Blog Comments

Blog Comment Backlinks are the most popular type of backlink available. They consist of a user finding blogs with commenting enabled, and including their link in the Website field, and their Main Keyword in the Name field. This creates a hyperlink with Anchor Text to their website. They then would make a comment on the blogs article to try to get the blog owner to approve the link.

Forum Profiles

Forum Profile Backlinks are the second most popular type of backlink. These are much harder to get naturally in large quantity. When you sign up for a forum or other website, they will usually allow you to create a “Profile” page which has options to display your occupation, date of birth, favorite food etc. They also usually have an option to add any short html message. You can drop a link there with your anchor text.

Forum Signatures

Forum Signatures usually provide a lot of click through traffic, and they are easy to create a ton of natural links to your website. If you post meaningful content, the links will stick around for a long time and provide a heavy boost of natural, free traffic.


Blogrolls are another great source of traffic, and they are also very good authority links if you get them on a related blog page. A good source of Blogroll backlinks is to actually contact the owner of the blog, and simply ask if they would link to link to your page. These links will show up on every page of the blog.

Source Links

If your website or blog provides important facts or breaking news stories, then you may be able to add your link as a source on wiki pages. Pages like Wikipedia are always interested in providing reliable source and proof for their articles, so if you notice something in Wikipedia is lacking written proof, you may be able to research further into it, gather the proof needed, and quote your website as the citation. Usually you will not have anchor text available for this type of link.

Always look for diversity when you are trying new Link Building Strategies. If you only focus on links from 1 different source, you will not achieve the recognition you are looking for from the search engines.

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