Top 10 Ways To Make Money Online As A Student.

Are you a student? Also, want to make money online. 

As a student, I encourage you not to waste your time on online games,  facebook chat, movies … because it does not mean anything to you. Spend your precious time online to start making money online and increase your income to cover your daily living. By making money online, you can draw on the most practical experiences that can be applied when you start working in the future. In this article, I will present to you ten simple ways students can make money online. 

Earn Money Online With Youtube:

Now, when you want to post a video to share with friends in mind you always think of the first, is Youtube. Youtube is one of the most popular and biggest online video sharing site offered by MR: Google. So if you want to make money online from your videos, Youtube is a great place for you. You can create video tutorials, video blogs and can earn money from it as a Google AdSense publisher. You will get payout not only for ads clicks but also for your video views as well. However, to get that, you have to become a partner of Youtube. So becoming a partner is nowadays very easy. Here is a step by step complete guide for you to become a partner. 


Make Money Online With A Blog/Website: 

start a blog

Pics Source: &

Making money blogging online is the most straightforward way. You can create free blogs on Blogger or in Wordpress. However, when blogging makes money you have to spend the first 2-3 months to attract visitors. This is also the hardest time for a blogger, many people who can not bear the challenge should give up midway. So if you go through hard times, this also means that your blog has gained the foothold in the reader’s heart. This is not to say that you stop blogging again and start making money online, this is what you have to do in parallel. Both are very much written, money will also start to increase in balance. 

Some tips to make a perfect blog: 

  • Get your domain name. 
  • Get a right responsible hosting for your website or use free blogger. 
  • Chose the right user-friendly theme for your blog. for the blogger here and WordPress here.
  • Optimize your blog for search engines. 
  • Write articles daily and allow guest posts as well because the guest posts are too good. 

Some legit ways to make money with a website:

  • Earn money with PPC adverting programs: Like Google Adsense,, Infolinks and much more. 
  • Sell direct advertisement: This is an excellent way to make more than Adsense. You can sell unsold ad with the help of Buysellads, Adclerks which are viral direct ads systems. 
  • Sell Ebooks on your website:  one of the best money making technique online, using a site to promote a related Ebook is a very clever way to generate handsome revenue. 
  • Write reviews for products: This is another awesome way to make money. The thing you just need to write reviews about online products/company related to your website niche. Earn money with their affiliates program or directly deal with them as a sponsored post. 
  • Make Money as an affiliate marketer. Affiliate marketing is the easiest way, and the more simplest way to promote a product or service with your website and generate revenue from every sells you made. 

Affiliate Marketing. 

Affiliate marketing is one of the simplest ways for you to earn income. When you do affiliate marketing to promote an individual product or service. Buyers or users of the product go through your affiliate link, then the production company will pay you at a particular rate. It is the way that many peoples are making a ton of money. If you have a good small website with decent traffic, then you can easily make $50 to $100 with affiliate programs. However, if you have an awesome large site with excellent traffic, then you have more chances to make up to $1000 daily. 

Few ways to promote affiliates? 

  • From A blog or A website. 
  • Analysis a topic/niche. Take a popular trend or market. 
  • Find an affiliate program. Companies which create affiliate programs to help promote their products. When you become a program part. Which is usually free. You can make links to promote the products on your website or another site. E.g. (to promote themes of ThemeForest) 
  • Write an article about the product. Alternatively, use the existing article and include affiliate links. 
  • Promote affiliates links with adverting. Like you want to promote HostGator affiliates, Just create ad campaigns with Facebook for your HostGator affiliate links and start making money without own website. 

Offer Freelance Service.

Becoming a freelancer is a fantastic idea for anyone who loves working for themselves. It is the best job that every student like to work. Many websites allow anyone to start their job with no time like Fiverr, freelancer, upwork and many other. The thing you need to do just go to any of these websites and signup here with your complete profile, so it attracts customers towards you & increases your trust. Don’t be a scammer if so, then your first gig will be the last gig. If your student I will suggest you make a daily schedule for your work in freelancing it will not affect your study. Working freelancing jobs gives you the luxury of setting your own time & hours. Your hard work and good conversation with your customers can make you become a top rated seller in freelancing.

4: Write EBooks.

I don’t think it is not a hard job for a student because I saw many students on my facebook friend list, they have created many books about great topics of their interest, such as AdSense mastery guide, the web hosting guides and much topics.

This is also an excellent way to earn money online, if you have the experience to write, then choose this method. This job does not require you to go to the office or company; you have complete control over the time and the amount of work to do each day. Your earnings are also based on the number of Ebooks you sell. You can sell these Ebook to with the help of freelancing companies or with Amazon to your desired price. 

5: Make Money Online With Email Signup. 

Yes, nowadays peoples are making decent money daily by sign-ups on the advertiser’s websites. There are many websites which provide this opportunity to us. One of them is Microsignups. The site lets you sign-ups on the advertiser’s websites and gives some decent cent to your per sign-ups. You can receive more than $5 daily from this site. Which will helps you to buy online products if your newbies. Such as domains names, hosting for your website and as well with this money, you can also promote your websites. By giving advertisements to the cheap adverting campaigns such as Twitter, Stumbleupon, and Facebook. I mostly spend this money on adverting. That is why I am giving you suggestion hope you like it. 

6: Make Money Playing Games. 

It sounds crazy, but it is true, many gaming websites pay tens of millions for gamers to test their games. After playing the game, you can share your experience what you like and do not like. Basically, it was a final inspection before the game was launched. Paying a few tens of millions to gamers and then earning hundreds of millions from the game is a strategy that benefits both gamers and game owners. 

I am not talking about playing video games for money, or playing games on devices such as Pc, PS 3 or Xbox 360 here. 

I am speaking of web-based online playing games. These are online games sites which will encourage you to view their advertisement so you can make money. So enjoy the game and earn as well. 

Some sites list that pays to play games. 








7: Sell Expire Domain Names, Complete Web sites, Apps.

Do you have good domain names and quality website to sell? There are many market places on the internet today to sell your online business. One of the most popular marketplace for selling and buying an online business is The Flippa is very popular, and they have sold many domains, apps, and websites with more the expected cost. Many of expert and beginner got lucky deals in So why your waiting go today and signup on Flippa and start selling. 

8: Start Selling Online Course. 

                                                                              Udemy earning proof by

Professional and experts are making thousands of dollars just by creating online courses. If you have any skill such as (writing, video and picture editing and anything), create your courses and sell it on your website. 

Alternatively, If you have not enough traffic on your site, sell your course of course selling sites. There are lots of online learning platform you can join and can become a teacher there. One of the most popular and best education and selling destination of online courses is Udemy is the best place for online learning founded in 2010. You can sell your beautiful courses with your desired price. There are also lots of many other platforms you join as well to sell your course as follow below. 

⦁    Udemy. 

⦁    WizIQ. 

⦁    Skillshare. 

⦁    Teachlr. 

⦁    OfCourse. 

9: Sell Your Products on eBay & Amazon:

As we already told, you can sell your Ebooks and other products with the help of Amazon. This is another great opportunity for students that don’t need to make a website to sell their Ebooks.

eBay and Amazon are top sites for people to place ads for their products. Moreover, if someone likes your product then the buyer will contact you to make a purchase. Moreover, if your product is good and the price is more reasonable than the same products, the revenue you get will not be small. 

10: Participate in answering paid questions:

You know, useful information is pretty difficult to find. But trust me, you don’t have to be  Dr. Albert Einstein to earn money for what you know. 

If you have specialized knowledge of mathematics, physics, chemistry, literature, or astronomy … then you can participate in answering their questions. All you need to do is give them the most accurate answers. Many sites provide questions and answers, and many sites employ you to answer those questions. 

List of sites that pay you to answer their questions: 












Final Words: 

The above are the best ways you can make money online as a student, do not waste your time on online games, movies, and Facebook, chats, etc. Because this does not give you any thing without wasting your precious time. I wish you success! 

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About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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  1. Hello Jalil, Thanks for sharing this useful post with us. because I m a student and I want do not want to depend on my parents that’s y I want to earn some money for my own expenses.
    I love to Write EBooks.

  2. Hi, Jalil, this is very informative and detailed. Making money online now is becoming the most trending and valuable keyword on google trend especially for students and freelancers. I’d comment that you have a great list here. Thumb up

  3. Thanks Jalil for the great list, But i think some of them are quite difficult for students. But micosignups is the great way to earn some decent dollars.

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