9 Super Ways to Increase Blogger Blog Loading Speed.

Are you looking for How to increase Blogger blog Loading Speed? So you are at right place. In this article, I’m going to clarify how you can increase Blogger blog Loading Speed which is, of course, a Big problem because I heard that 40% traffic reduce due to slow loading speed. When I tried to check out my blog speed through PageSpeed Insight its very slow and they show some possibilities which are Leverage browser caching, Eliminate render-blocking JavaScript and CSS, Minify JavaScript, Minify HTML, Optimize images, Reduce server response time etc unfortunately we can’t fix those since we have no control over the Server However here are some tips to increase Blogger Blog Loading Speed which is really effect on your Blogger blog.

 Unhealthy points of Slow Loading Blog

  1. Bounce rate will increase.
  2. Lost 40% traffic
  3. It hurts to users
  4. Not good for SEO

 1.Use Fast Loading Theme

The so first thing is to use fast loading theme because it makes an important role in loading speed. I suggest you, use blogger default theme because it is right in coded. However there are lots of stunning custom themes some are here,

Read This article SEO Time Best Responsive Blogger Template. SEO Optimized Theme

2.Limit numbers of posts from homepage

Decrease the number of posts on the homepage it helps you to increase the loading speed of your Blogger blog. To change numbers of displayed posts on homepage go to layout and then edit Blog posts. The recommendation is set 4 or 5 posts on the homepage.

3.Minimize image size

This one is really important. If the size of your blog’s images is high so definitely your blog load slowly. There are many ways to compress images some online sites or tools, but my way is to Photoshop. After editing or opening images in Photoshop, you need to save them, but at that point, you have to click on file then click on > Save for the web instead of save as. It really works because when you save your images by clicking on save for web Photoshop automatically compress the size of your images.

4.Reduce the number of Widgets

Don’t use too much widget on your blog because it makes slow your blog. Use only important widget like subscription box, popular box and a few more.

Suggestion moves your widget to the bottom of the blog.

 5.Compress CSS codes

CSS helps you to create a good looking blog.  You can find CSS codes right above ]]></b:skin>. You can use https://cssminifier.com to compress CSS codes.



Reduce the number of using Third Party Gadget/Widgets. I recommend that use Blogger’s built-in gadgets to reduce loading time. If you have too many Javascript codes or links, consider uploading them to a single external source. You can use Google Sites [sites.google.com] to upload JAVASCRIPT. Have a look at the below example:


<script src=’https://sites.google.com/site/yourgooglesite/home/yourscript.js’ type=’text/javascript’/>


<script src=’https://sites.google.com/site/yourgooglesite/home/myscript.js’ type=’text/javascript’/>

7 .Background image

No doubt it takes times to load. Use either a color as the background and use small size images for the header as well.

8.Too many ads are not good

If yet your blog loading speed not increased after applying instructions. You need to reduce the number of ads on your blog’s each page. It would be maximum three. Or Use async ads when available thus, they will get loaded only after the site loads.

9.Use embed Video

Media like images and videos takes times to load. You can quickly reduce the size of images but when you lessen the size of the video it directly affects the quality of the video. So for high-quality videos, you need to use YouTube embed option.

Final Words

An excellent blog has fast loading speed. And it also helps for SEO and for getting approval from Ad networks. I hope that now you blogger blog loading speed faster than before implementation of above ways.

If you like and get some knowledge about Blogger blog loading speed, feel free to share How to increase Blogger blog Loading Speed with who needs this article.


About the Author: Mubashar Iftikhar

Mudassir Iftikhar is Author of GiftLenders. He is a Pro Writer, Blogging Lover, Affiliate Marketer, and Youtuber. Follow Him On FaceBook & Youtube

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    1. Hey Parasdhankecha,
      thanks for your comment. you can check your blog’s loading speed by Google speed test tool.

  1. Hello, Mudassir!

    Great seeing this content on the too important topic here on Jalil’s place!

    This is the side of my blog that I continuously check and work on like every week or two.

    I am too skeptical about my blog’s speed and keep changing the things to keep the speed below 1 second.

    And the things I keep the good check on are the images and videos.

    For videos, I follow the exact same method which you wrote on; take the videos from YouTube and place their embed codes.

    I am not so good with the CSS and JS (actually with the code), so I always take assistance of the plugins to fiddle with them.

    Thanks for the great writeup! 🙂

    ~ Adeel

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