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Alltop is very popular “online magazine rack” of the Internet today. If you have a quality blog then make sure that you add your blog to Alltop. The Alltop will help you to increase your blog daily traffic as well gives your blog very Good for SEO. Yes After accepting your request of submission of your blog to Alltop they will provide you some quality links. And these links will be Permanent and useful for your SEO.

Alltop doesn’t require any payment to add your blog. It’s very easy, Simple and free of cost. And it is a free way to brings lots of traffic to your site.

Alltop was created and founded by Guy Kawasaki, And his aim to collect all news in a Magazine and He did it.

Alltop Cover many topics. The topics run by Alltop from adoption to zoology with photography, food, religion, Science, celebrities, fashion, gaming, sports, politics, automobiles, Macintosh, Blogging, and hundreds of other precious topics along the way.

Submit Your Website/Blog To

Alltop is very popular and great directory with the best of the best organized by topic. That will not hurt you bring traffic from them.

Some Reasons Why They Reject Your Blog.

  • There’s an error reading the feed of your blog.
  • The site has not been updated recently or on the regular basis.
  • There is not enough original or Unique content.
  • The general quality of the site does not meet our standards.
  • The site is primarily promoting a business.
  • There is no appropriate Alltop topic.
  • The site is not in the English Language.

It’s very simple and Easy to submit the blog to Alltop.

1#: The First thing you need to is to create an account in Alltop. After that, you need to fill your all information which is required to create your free account on Alltop.

2#: When your registration is complete then Go to this submission page to submit your Blog. Click Here To Go

3#: Now you will be redirected to the submission page of the site. Here you need to fill out the following form correctly. According to the below screenShot.


The first thing you need to tell about niche or topic in the 1st box of the form. The topic may be Blogging, Gaming, News or Anything else.

2nd you need to fill out your blog or website name in the 2nd box.

3rd you need to enter your blog or website Url.

4th you just need to add your feed address. so the Alltop bots can find your latest post easily. 

5th you need to tell Alltop about the first and last name of the blog/website owner. 

The 6th

the option is not required but if you want to leave your suggestion or comment to Alltop so you can.

After filling all information in the form just click on the “Submit” button to send information to Alltop Team.

The reviewing of your blog will take up to 2 days. If you get approval they will send you a message like this in the screenshot. And your website will be visible within 24 hours. If not don’t worry keep updating your blog so your blog will be atomically visible according to your feed information.


Some Things To Be Noted After Submission Accepted By Alltop Team.

  • Your site should appear on Alltop within 24 hours of this email being sent.
    To find your site within the topic, use your browser’s Find feature.
  • If you have not updated your site in the past 28 days, the site will not appear until you update your site.
  • The title of your site on Alltop comes directly from your feed. If it is not what you expected, please update your feed.
  • Posts in your feed must have a date/time (a valid pubDate tag). If the date/time is missing, your site will not appear on Alltop until you add the date/time.



Final Words.

It’s better to submit your blog or website to web directories. They will be a good way to gain traffic and Backlinks. If you think we helped you by this tutorial then don’t for getting to share our blog with friends, family, and social media. If you facing any problem with this post then feel free to tell me in the comment section or use directly my contact us page to inform your problem to me in the inbox.


About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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  1. Hi Jalil,

    Alltop is a great site with collection of lots of blogs in different categories. There are people who think that it is just for link submission.

    But is is actually a good way to get regular traffic which is highly targeted. I am also getting good traffic.

  2. Great Post,
    I am a New Blogger and i need to Submit my Blog on Alltop, But dont have any idea, after Searching on Google Search Engine i found your Blog Post Read Very carefully than Easily Submit My Blog on Alltop Thank You Very For Greate Post,Keep it Up.

  3. Very good post! I have submitted the website two months ago but didn’t receive any notification yet. Will they send an email if the website has approved? Because we couldn’t log in the account and I remember that it takes about two months to review it.

  4. Hi Jalil,

    Thank you for the info!
    I am interested in submitting my website to AllTop website, but I think they have made major changes, including the submission page and the number of websites they display for each category.
    Don’t you think this will make accepting a blog a bit harder?

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