How to Start a Blog Right Now & Learn Everything To Blog

Blogging success is the dream of every new blogger, But unfortunately, they do not know how to start a blog in a right way and how to maintain it.

So, today, I am going to teach you how to start your new blog with lots of success techniques & Strategies.

Nowadays everyone wants to make money online. I am also one of them. I started my blogging career in 2014. Over the past years, I understand entirely what the mistakes I should stop to make my blog successful are. Moreover, What are the right Strategies to follow for becoming a successful blogger.

Make money from a blog is the easiest way nowadays. There are many ways to make a handful income. Basically, it has become a trend to earn money online. Online income means, you just need to do work from home online to make money. Most people think that it is quite impossible to earn money from home through online. However, it is actually possible. Yes! You can make money from home. Not only you but everyone can. You just need to have a personal computer and an internet connection. That is all you need. However, wait! Does that mean having a PC and internet will bring you money? No. There are many ways to earn money online. Earn by blogging is the most reliable way. Blogging can be the excellent source of your income. Many people are making a significant amount of money every month, and their source of income is their personal blog or website only! Sounds unbelievable but it is true. Now the question is, how to start a blog to make money online? Well, here there will detail discussion about it. I am going to tell you how your blog can be a valid source of income.

how to start a blog

Chapter 1: Basics of Blog and Blogging

The chapter 1 includes the basic of the blog and blogging to understand what is blogging and why it is popular etc.

1: So How To Start A Blog Right Now With Right Techniques.


Now tell me this honest question “How to Start a Blog to Make Money Online.”

Alternatively, How many times you search on google to know more about How to start a blog to make money online as a student. I saw many students are wasting their times playing games online, facebook, and much more wastage ways. Let me tell you I am a student and Now I am able to pay my own tuition fees and my daily livings with the help of my blog. It is a significant achievement for me. As a student, I encourage you to don’t waste your time with these sucks things and make a professional life right now with starting your online career.

I am sure you agree with me. So before we go ahead how to start a blog tutorial, Let me tell you what exactly a blog is?

2: What Is A Blog?


Before understanding how to start a blog and learn everything to blog, at first, let’s have a smaller idea of a blog. The blog is a type of website where anyone can provide some information about there personal life, or any other topics like entertainment, tech, news, sports, science, IT and others. It depends on what niche you are going to choose for your blog. You can share photos, videos, documents and you can create a large number of audience or visitors who will come to your blog and read your daily articles. They can also share their thoughts on your articles or posts through their comments. So, a blog is the media where you can share and express your views on the daily basis.

3: Why Is Blogging Very Popular?


The question is why blogging is so popular and why entrepreneurs have turned to blogging. These are the four big reasons why blogging is viral in the web industry.

  • Search engines like Google or bing love’s new content, and as a result, blogging is considered an outstanding search engine optimization (SEO) tool.
  • 2nd significant benefits of Blogging is it provides an easy way to keep your customers and clients up-to-date on what’s going on. Let them know about new deals, discounts or offer them tips. The more a customer comes to your blog, the more hopeful they are to spend money on your product.
  • Blogging is the best way to build trust and credibility. Because a blog lets you create trust about your product to your readers. Because people can post comments and communicate with you, they can get to know you, and yes, will trust you enough to buy from you.
  • One of the most significant benefits of blogging is it can make money for you. Along with your product or service, blogging or a blog can generate income from other various options, such as advertising and affiliate marketing.\

 4: What Will Be Your Benefits If You Start A Blog?


Starting A Blog is much more comfortable then you think. You can start your blog within ten mins, But do you know how can a blog will help you live your daily living so smoothly. Let me tell you the most significant benefits of blogging below that will encourage you to start a blog today.

  1. A Blog will let you express yourself % share your passion with worldwide peoples. There are still many and lots of blogs that serve as a platform for people’s to express their ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your passion is marketing, personal, Business, cooking, politics, or maybe photography.
  2. Build Your Businesses Awareness. For businesses and entrepreneurs, increasing online visibility is one of the best ways to grow subscribers, leads and ultimately revenue. This thing can’t be obtained with a static corporate website. Creating blog content for your business or product is valuable, helpful, and entertaining is an efficient way to grow your website’s authority, online rankings, and traffic.
  3. You will get A Authority Name in the industry. Yes, It is true if your blog goes very viral there are straightforward changes to get featured on big sites or on a newspaper wall.
  4. You can make money with A Blog. Building a blog for making money online is the best and easiest way instead of youtube, freelancing and etc. Because there are lots of ligament ways to make money on a blog.

5: What Are The Mistake New Bloggers Makes? 


There are a ton of mistakes which new bloggers always make. So be sure to avoid them.

1: Choosing a niche.

Most of the newbies chose a niche But don’t know the basics about that niche which is wrong. Always chose the niche which your best in.

2: Domain name.

Newbies always Chose A domain name which doesn’t deserve to bring traffic. Always Ch0se a domain name which is according to your niche is best for readers and as well for SEO.

3: Free platforms are bad.

Using a free platform like blogger, and Tumblr is too bad if you want to be a professional blogger. You must choose WordPress to make your site looks perfect what you want.

4: No basics of SEO.

If you don’t know about Search engine optimization (SEO). I suggest you learn Seo completely from free sources like youtube. Otherwise, you will not be able to blog perfectly.

5: Not doing keyword research.

Always new bloggers don’t do keyword research while writing articles. Always use a keyword research tool to bring new ideas and make Google understand what your content is about. My suggested keyword research tool is Kwfinder and Longtailpro.

6: They start writing about hard keywords Even with lot authority.

They start writing about difficult keywords even with zero SEO knowledge and zero authority backlinks. This very bad if you don’t have an authority site. When I begin, I really start writing about little and easy keywords which can be ranked in google without any proper authority and backlinks. Which is great for newbies to bring little traffic to their sites from search engines. After getting some authorities just chose a little more hard keyword and see how it works for you and your blog success.

7: Duplicate content on their blogs.

If you really want to be love with Google and other search engines, then you must avoid of duplicate contents. Write an article about your way and with your own self.


Chapter 2: Starting A Blog & Important Things.

This chapter contains starting of a blog from begging such choosing of right hosting, domain name, install of WordPress and important things to do after installing of WordPress.

1: So Now What Things You Need To Start A Blog?


So now the main question is that what are the things you need to start A blog.

  1. A computer with an internet connection.
  2. A domain name according to your niche. Get your first domain name from GoDaddy for just 99 cents.
  3. A good hosting to run your domain.
  4. Installing A WordPress.
  5. Choosing a good theme.
  6. Setting up & optimizing of your WordPress.
  7. Write your first post.
  8. Share it on social media.

1: So let’s start with a domain name.

The first thing you need to start a blog is a domain name. A domain name is an address to your blog or website. Example our address is

I already told make sure your domain name must be according to your niche. For example, our niche is blogging, and our domain is You know blogging is included in my domain address.  It because the domain name tells your readers and help you search engines easily what your blog is about.

You can register a domain name from Go Daddy now just for 99 cents.

2: Purchase A Good Hosting.

Purchase A Good Hosting

You may probably be thinking how to find a good hosting? I will tell you few things to consider before choosing a Web-hosting provider for your website.

  • Unlimited Hosting &  Bandwidth. The first thing you must make sure that the hosting your choosing is containing unlimited hosting and bandwidth.
  • Web-hosting reliability and uptime technology. The 2nd thing is that the server you choose must be recommended by the top webmaster and also the uptime of the hosting must be amazing with 99.99% guarantee.
  • 24/7 expert support. Support is undoubtedly very necessary for you to fix any issue of your website and hosting within 5 to  10 min.
  • Free domain and SSL (Https).  There are many hosting which give free domain and free https SSL certificate with their hosting deals. Https is necessary nowadays because it is one of the great SEO factors of search engines. So it best for you if your hosting provider gives this opportunity for free for 1 year. Because why to waste 12 to 15  dollars on SSL.
  • Money-back Guarantee. Try them and love us, or get a refund within 30-15 days of signing up policies. Another great thing about your hosting is that they give a refund of hosting prices. If you don’t like them then cancel your account and get a full refund.
  • Special offers. It is a good thing if the hosting your choosing give some special created, Such as Bing advertising, google advertising credit and much more.

Which hosting contain these Opportunities?

There are 4 hosting which I am currently using. And I recommend them for new bloggers. And these are best for the advanced level of hosting. These are following below.

Bluehost: Best recommend by the official website of WordPress.

SiteGround: Top experts recommendations.

Ipage: Good hosting.

Namecheap: Very Cheap hosting for new bloggers. Good for beginners starting from the 9.88/per year.

After using all of them, I am a very personal relationship with Bluehost and Siteground because they are very good hosting. And my recommendations are Bluehost and Siteground.

They are super fast, reliable, secure and superb supporting platforms.

 3: How to Start a Blog With Bluehost.


Now time to start your new blog with WordPress of Bluehost hosting service. Bluehost is very clean and superb hosting of the world. If you really want to be profession blogger then you must choose a professional and advance hosting like Bluehost and Siteground.

So let’s start with Bluehost. Make sure Bluehost provide free domain on their all hosting plans. But I recommend your domain should be on a different platform like GoDaddy. Because Godaddy is best for domain security and Bluehost is best for hosting. Domain name and hosting in one place may be riskful. It is not only recommended by me but also from lots other top webmasters.

Step 01: Go to

To start your blog Go to and chose your favorite plan there for hosting. The basic plan is best for 1 website, and I am currently using it. If you’re going to ask me which plan should, I chose now? Then I recommend you to chose a basic plan. Because it is not only good for beginners but also best for beginners. Also, the basic plan is affordable. Click on any of three select buttons to chose your plan.

Step 02: Get your free domain.

After choosing your favorite plan from Bluehost by clicking on a select button, You will be redirected to the “choosing your free domain” page. Here you need to get your free domain. If you already bought from GoDaddy or another register, I suggest you to take your free domain in this free domain giveaway. because you can change your account primary domain by contacting live chat support of Bluehost. So you can use this domain on another hosting. Enter your desirable domain and click on next button.



Step 03: Special Offer Discount.

After choosing your domain and clicking on the next button you will be redirected to another page. Here if you wait for some time from my link, you will get a special offer of hosting. See below screenshot. This offer is superb affordable with free extra tools.

Just you need to click on claim savings button and get a big and huge discount.

Note: Sometimes it does not show the special offer. Maybe because you have seen this offer early on this day.

Step 4: Fill out your basic information.

So after claiming your offer, just fill out your basic info. Such as full name, country and full address, phone number, and email id.


Step 5: Check you’re total due and fill out your payment info.

Fist check your all payment due and fill out your payment information. After that check on the “I have read and agree to Bluehost’s…” and click on submit button to complete your purchase.

Step 6:  Bluehost hosting confirmation message.

After completing your purchase you will get a confirmation message from Bluehost to your email address. In this email, you need to create your password. After creating your password, Just login to your Bluehost Cpanel.

4: How To Install WordPress On Your Domain?

Step 1: How to addon domain if you have already purchased a domain from Godaddy or another domain provider?

After logging to your Bluehost hosting panel. Just go to domain central and add you’re existing which is from another place to your hosting. If you chose the basic plan because it contains 1 website opportunity. In this plan, if you want to install WordPress on GoDaddy domain. Then your domain must be primary domain. So if you want to add your existing domain as an addon domain then you must contact your live chat support to change your primary domain to GoDaddy one. They will change existing domain to primary domain within 5 minutes. and you can use your free Bluehost domain to another hosting by changing nameservers of the domain.

Step 2: Install WordPress.

In order to install WordPress on your domain, go to your Cpanel home and click on Install WordPress button.

After clicking on Install WordPress button, Bluehost will redirect you to “” WordPress installation page. Here you need to select your domain which you to want to install WordPress successfully. Select your domain and leave directory page blank and click on next button.

On the next page give your all admin details and click on next button to start WordPress installation.

It will take less than 1 min to be completely installed.

So Now WordPress is successfully installed. Use your given login details to access your wordpress.

6: The 10 Most Important Things To Do After Installation of WordPress.

So let’s do Top 10 most essential Things that you must do after WordPress installation on your site. It is a ubiquitous question for the beginners what to do after installing WordPress. Here below we will tell you about Top 10 most important things to do in new WordPress installation. 

  1. Change Title, Tagline, Timezone, and Favicon.
  2. Change Permalink Structure.
  3. Configure reading settings.
  4. Delete all unused themes from your WordPress website.
  5.  Just install caching Plugin for better performance.
  6. You need to install a security plugin on your site.
  7. Protect your site from spam comment by installing a spam fighter plugin.
  8. Maintain the SEO of your WordPress site by installing an SEO Plugin. Yoast SEO.
  9. Just maintain your website social media performance by installing a social media plugin.
  10. Make Schedule Regular Backups.

Read the full guide from here.

Note: The chapter is ended.

Chapter 3: SEO, Tools & Traffic Boosting Techniques.

Chapter 3 come up with advanced strategies to make your blog successful such as Optimization of your new blog for search engines,

1: Complete WordPress SEO.

Overall 94% of unique traffic comes from search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Therefore it is very necessary to optimize your WordPress blog for SEO.

Here we have already published the game-changing WordPress SEO guide for your readers.

This Guide contains overall SEO for WordPress chapter wise.

2: Best Blogging Tools To Use.

Best Blogging Tools To Use

Online tools make your blogging life more comfortable. Everyone is using, and you should use. There are 10 types of tools you must use.

1: Keyword Research Tool:

The keyword research tools help you to find the high traffic and relevant keywords for your blog contents. And also keyword research tools help to find new blog post ideas as well.

Powerful Keyword Research tools:

2: Email Marketing Tools:

There’s a lack chance to get a visitor to revisit your blog again and again. While blog traffic is the most important and it impacts with your success and failure, You should not ignore any chance is to grab a single visitor to your blog. Moreover, email autoresponder is one of the tools or system that will help you to get your blog traffic revisit again and again.

Email autoresponder also helps you to communicate with your blog audience and send latest blog updates via email. So, You can get more traffic to your blog, and you know, More traffic to a blog means more income.

My favorite Email Marketing Tools.

3: Social Media Tools.

Social media Marketing is an important part of blogging success. It is also essential to take a part to build your website social media performance.

If you want to increase your website social media performance then you must promote your social media following pages. and also add social media share buttons to your site. It will encourage your site users to share there favorite content to their social media profiles.

My favorite Social media Plugins for WordPress.

  • Social Warfare.
  • Content Locker By MTS.
  • Easy Social Share Buttons.

4: Start Building Links.

Backlinks are truly necessary but it is hard for new blogs to get backlinks easily. I suggest you check out my guide to understand how to get backlinks easily even for free.

5: Google Webmaster Tool.

It is a completely free tool which is offered by Google to the website owners to submit, control and check their site status on google search engine. So as a part of SEO, you must use this tool to help your site rank better, faster and easy on the google search.

6: Google Analytics.

It is the best tool on the internet which every webmaster really love.

Google Analytics powerful Solutions to web analytics offered google for free of cost and performance analytics tools to measure website, app, digital and offline data to gain customer insights.

7: Speed Test Tools.

Speed is really essential for better SEO performance. In order to gain the best results, you must check the speed of your site by using these most popular and most used tools.


8: Backlinks Checker Tools.

Backlinks checker tools are very and very important tools to check your site backlinks and discover potentially damaging links to stop penalty by search engines. Backlinks checker tools also help you to determine your competitor works.

Best Backlinks checker tools.

    1. Moz Site Explorer
    2. Ahrefs
    3. SEmrush
    4. LinkMiner.

9: CanVa

Canva is a free design tool on the website to design stunning infographics, beautiful pictures, and images for your blog posts.

10: Grammar and Duplicate Content Checker.

There are lots of tools to check grammar and duplicate content on your website. There two free and best tools to check these errors.

  1. Grammarly: It is a free tool to correct your grammar errors while your writing.
  2. Copyscape: It is also a free tool which will help you to find the duplicate content of your pages and posts.

3: Traffic Boosting Techniques.

Starting of a new blog is easy, But one of the hard task for new bloggers is to bring traffic to their blog. So in this section, i will teach you how to increase your blog traffic by 206x.

Worth Reading: Proven Ways To Double Your Site Traffic From Your Competitor’s Sites.

1: SEO: 

Search engines are the biggest source of traffic for any website. For bringing traffic from search engines you must proper SEO of your blog. Read our full guide for WordPress SEO.

Worth Reading: Search Engine Marketing Vs. Social Media Marketing

2: Use Social Media.

After search engines, social media is the 2nd most important way to bring lots of traffic. Social media sites like facebook, twitter, and Google+ works like a traffic-boosting machine when you use it correctly.

5 Best Ways To Social media Traffic To Your Blog.

  1. Advertising.
  2. Creating Your Page.
  3. Share your blog posts with your friends and followings.
  4. Shearing of your blog post by your fans and readers.
  5. By Joining Of Popular groups and communities.

3: Adverting.

If your looking for more traffic, sales and leads then advertising is the best techniques. You can use facebook, twitter and search engines for adverting by paying per click or impressions.

Facebook is the best and cheapest place to advertise if you’re a beginner.

Using Google Adwords for adverting is the most unique and powerful way to bring traffic and sales.

4: Guest Blogging.

Guest Blogging is another superb way to bring traffic as a referral and as well increase your site’s links by including the links to your site relevant topic. It is also helpful for search engine rankings.

5: Blog Commenting.

Comments on the blogs help you to how your content is working with the users. As well blog commenting is used by many webmasters to build the relationship and bring referral traffic to their blogs. So it means you should try blog commenting to grab other website readers attention towards you by posting eye-catching comments. Blog commenting is also used for link building.

6: Use Forum Posting Sites.

USing of forum posting sites for traffic purpose is another tactic used by top bloggers and webmasters. In this case, you need to answers the questions of other members of the forum and include the relevant link of your site blog posts. So when members read your valuable than they properly will click on the link to your blog post to read more.

Check the list of forum posting sites.

7: Use of Social Bookmarking Sites.

Social bookmarking sites like Reddit and StumbleUpon lets their users to bookmark their web pages and let them to upvote their favorite pages. And the more upvotes your bookmarked pages get the more your pages get viewed by users.

Check the list of social bookmarking sites.

Final Words On How to start a Blog Guide.

I hope our full guide help you to start your new blog and give you some ideas how to start a blog in right way. If you really like it then please show your love by share it with different social media sites.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.


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