How to Improve Your Google Ranking with Easy Steps

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You need to learn how to improve your google ranking so your website will have higher rank and more visitors. With higher rank then your website will be placed higher in google result. Means, people will see them first when they search something that is related to your website. This will also increase the probability for them to visit your website compared to other sites that rank lower and placed further down the search result. This is why; it is important for you to keep improving your site to get better rank and eventually more visitors.

How to Improve Your Google Ranking to Gain More Visitors

  1. Improve your website

The website is the foundation that you should first take a look when learning how to improve your google ranking. If your website is not good, hard to navigate, cannot be access by google crawl, then your website will have lower rank. To fix this, you need improve the structure of your website and the information inside. It is the very first thing that you need to set up before doing everything else.

  1. Mobile friendly

Recently google let us know that they want all website to be more mobile friendly. They would even give better rank for website that is already mobile friendly. This is why, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. Arrange your website so people can easily navigate even when using mobile device.

  1. Fast

When learning about how to improve your google ranking, you must have heard that google will also consider the webpage loading time as one of the ranking factors. This is why, you need to optimized the content of your website so it can be load as fast as possible. Implement cache for your website so people can load new page faster once they have visited your website. Optimize your image size to be load faster even on mobile device with lower speed.

  1. Improving links

Links are another thing that is important for your website since long time ago. However. You should also try to improve it to ensure that they are well polished. Make sure none of the links are broken which can lower your score. However, do not abuse the link and put too much links in your content. Put only links that are relevant and useful for the content instead of turning every anchor text into links. That way; your content will have suitable link to increase your rank but would not be consider as link spamming.

  1. SEO On Page

Do not forget to also optimized your content with some SEO. There are various factors that you can use to optimized the content which will then improve your rank. Content is another key factor that will really improve your rank in the search result. This is why; you need to carefully optimized it to get effective score from it that able to improve your rank.

Those are the things that you need to do when you learning how to improve your google ranking and gain more visitors in your website. Do all of them to get the best result.

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