How To Fix All Structured Data Errors In Blogger.Hentry Errors

 Are you facing red errors in your google webmaster tools structured data? They are called Structured Data Errors.
First of all, I tell you what structured data in search engines is?
Structured data helps the crawler of the search engine to crawl better and also helps the search engines to understand content truly of your website. For example, your site has on recipes, and this website contains several data based on the different food recipes. People will have no problem to identify which data belong to which recipes but no machines they need their own language to understand or recognize which data belong to that.

What Is Structured Data Errors In Google Webmaster Tools?

This is a feature in Google webmaster tools which deal with the structure of your blog and blog content. In your Google webmaster tools in search appearance tab you must have come occurs two or all of these microformats markup errors.

These all are the standard error found in google webmaster tools.

  1. First Error>> Warning: Missing required field”Update”
  2. Warning: Missing required field”Entry-Title”
  3. Warning: Missing required field” author”

These errors are found in both Blogger and WordPress Web site. But today we cover blogger structured data error fixing.we will provide WordPress structured data set as soon as possible.

So let start how to fix these error. We will straightforwardly correct these structured data errors only just changing some coding in your blogger template. We corrected these errors one by one.

1: How To Fix Warning: Missing required field”Entry-Title.”

So, first of all, we are going to fix “entry-title error.This error comes due to not optimized custom blogger template. So if you’re facing this issue in google webmaster then follow me to fix it.

1: Go To Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit Template.
2: When your template coding appears. Now search for the following code,

<b:if cond=’data:post.title’>       <h3 class=’post-title’>

The h3 Maybe  h2 in your template coding.
3: After Finding this code now replace this code with following below code.

<b:if cond=’data:post.title’> <h3 class=’post-title entry-title’>

4: Now save your template. And you were done.

5: Now check is this error gone to google webmaster tools.Visit the Structured Data Testing Tools and insert your URL and you will see all entry-title errors gone. 

2: Now Time To Fix Missing Required Field” Update” 

Now we are going to fix the update error from google structured data errors.This error comes up when Google could not find the publish date and time of your blog post.If you want to avoid this error so must provide accurate publish data and time of blog post.So follow me to fix this error.

1:Go to Blogger>>Template>>Edit Template.

2: Now Search for below following code inside of your template coding.


3: When you find the above code in your template coding then merely replace it with this below code.

<span class=’updated’><data:post.timestamp/></span>

4: Save your template.
5: Now test again you will find that “update” error is fully fixed.

3: How To Fix Hcard Errors Missing Required Field “Author”.

Now I am going to tell you how to fix the hcard error.This is the last error to fix.This error arises due to wrong information of author in your template coding.Now let to fix this mistake follow me.

1: Go To Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit Template.

2: Now Search For The Following Code.

<span class=’post-author vcard’ > 

<b:if cond=’data:top.showAuthor’>
<b:if cond=’data:post.authorProfileUrl’>
<span class=’fn’>
<a expr:href=’data:post.authorProfileUrl’ rel=’author’ title=’author profile’>
<span class=’fn’><></span>

In above HTML Code may look different in your custom blogger template.In this case, make sure to locate the red highlighted code.You only need to find similar code as shown above.It does not need to be precisely same code.

3: Now Replace The Above Code With The Below Following Code.

<span class=’post-author vcard’ itemscope=’itemscope’  itemtype=’’>
<b:if cond=’data:top.showAuthor’>
<b:if cond=’data:post.authorProfileUrl’>
<span class=’fn author’>
<a expr:href=’data:post.authorProfileUrl’ rel=’author’ title=’author profile’>
<span itemprop=’name’><></span>
<span class=’fn author’><span itemprop=’name’><></span></span>

4: Now save your template.

5: Again Visit Structured data testing tools now again you will see all errors are finished and fixed.

When These Red Errors Fix In Webmaster Tools?
Within the next 24 hours or more days they will be fixed when Google update your structured data, and you will find all items with errors fixed entirely with zero errors.Now we clean up all schemes errors on your template.

Need Our Help?
I sure this tutorial help but if you’re facing any problem with structured data errors or any else feel free and comfortable to tell us in the comment section. Bye, Stay blessed Thank You.

I hope will help you for better google index and crawling of your blog.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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  1. Must applaud a WP user talking about Blogger!.

    You always find a way to write unique contents and this one is very important.

    Structured data help google understand your blog better, know its author, the main image URL, the post title (headline) and many others.

    Thanks for sharing this great and working tips!


  2. I was having same problem on my blog until i stumbled upon this article and sure most of them are fixed though not all, google is reducing them daily.
    Thanks for sharing

  3. Hey Jalil,

    Thanks for sharing this detailed article on fixing the hAtom errors. I have updated that template by following your suggestions a week ago but I’m still seeing the same errors in the Webmaster. It looks like the codes that I have implemented are not fixing the errors.

    Could you please let me know if there any other steps that I need to follow.


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