How to Choose a Blog Name that You Would Not Regret

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When you start blogging, the first thing that you need to know is how to choose a blog name so you would not regret it in the future. Blog name is very important for bloggers as it is the brand name that you will keep forever. Sadly, a lot of newbies are choosing their name in a rush so they will choose something random that they will regret in the future. When you already build your blog, have a lot of followers in your social media, surely you would not be able to change your blog name. This is why; you need to carefully choose the name for your blog with several consideration that we explain here.

Things to Consider when Learning How to Choose a Blog Name

  1. Short but catchy

When it comes to learning how to choose a blog name, it is better to keep it short. That way people will be able to remember it easily. However, do not forget that the name should also be catchy so it would be interesting. But do not make it too weird since people will need to spell it correctly. So, make sure that it is easy to spell so your reader will be able to find it easily.

  1. Not specific

Of course, you might want to choose certain niche for your blog. However, do not make the blog name to be too specific. For example; if you want to do beauty blog. Do not put makeup in your blog name. The reason is someday in the future you may want to expand your blog into other area of the same niche. So you would be able to do so instead of just talking about makeup, you might want to talk about fashion.

  1. No numbers

Even though you might want to make the name appear unique, but when learning how to choose a blog name it is better to not use numbers or symbol for your website. It will make it appear unprofessional and easy to mimic. When people want to steal your viewers, they only need to change the number into something else. Surely, it is something that you do not want. So, avoid it as much as possible, except when your brand really uses that number as part of the name.

  1. Use thesaurus

If the name that you want to use is already used by other blog, then it is time to be creative. There are other words that has the same meaning with the word that you want so start by using thesaurus. Furthermore, you may also try to use the same word in different language which might even make it even more unique.

  1. Choosing TLD

Do not forget that choosing the blog TLD is also as important as the name. not everything should have .com TLD, however it is the most used until this day. So, choose your TLD wisely based on the familiarity.

Those are the things you need to consider when learning how to choose a blog name so you will get the best name that you would not regret in the future.

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