How To Appears or Optimize Images In Search Engines?

Optimized Your Blog Images

Optimize your blog images in search engines!
Hello!Everybody today I come back with another great tips for you blog can you optimize your blog images in search engines .optimization of images in search engines is the easiest way to get unique traffic to your blog from search you must know how to optimize images in search engines.

Important Of Optimization Of Images…

  1. There are many reason to optimize your blog images.the best reason is that images show up in search engines and since the competition is much less in google image can easily get your images ranked higher with proper optimization,
  2. Another important of image optimization is that its improve blog’s bounce rate and increase Seo score of your article.
  3. If you upload your own custom image then you can get backlinks also. that’s mean if some use your image in their articles and give you a credit link.

How To Optimize Images For Search Engines?
1:Chose the right file name.
for example if your writhing an article about“Dates Heath Benefits” so you must rename your file name to “dates-health-benefits.jpg” Not give name like that abc.jpg or 123.jpg just name your image file name according to your article or content what your providing?

2:What Is Alt Text?And How Add This In Blogger Images?

What Is Alt Text or Tags?
Alt tags tell the search engines that an image is present in at its place. search engines are unable to read image and if you don’t use the alt tag on the image its mean you missing a lots of traffic.Mostly people try to get top position in search engines but they forget or ignore the image search engines that can bring a lots of traffic as well.
So now you know how alt tag are important for getting traffic from search engines.

How To Alt Text In Images?
If your using wordpress you need to add alt tag to your image code.alt=”Dates Health Benefits

Hear’s an example.
<img src=”Dates-Health-Benefits.jpg”alt=”Dates health Benefits”/>

If Your Using Blogger There Is Simple Method.
Go Blogger Dashboard>>Click New Post>>Add A Image
After uploading a image go to properties of that image. as show in screen shot

And now enter  tittle text and alt text according to image keywords,

I Hope This Tutorial Will Helped You In Optimization Of Images In Search Engines.

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