250+ 100% Working Dofollow Forum Posting Sites List.

We summarized 250+ 100% working dofollow forum posting sites list to increase your link building strategies.

As we know, the more do follow backlinks your website has, the more chances of ranking well. The backlinks are the links which one site gets from another internet site. Creation of backlinks is essential for your site. It helps to rank your posts on any search engine like Google, Bing, etc. Backlinks are considered is the backbone of a website/blog.

There are lots of ways to gain backlinks to your site. But it is not so easy. You need to do something great or write something great to gain backlinks. There are two easy ways that any webmaster will recommend you to make backlinks. No: 1 comments backlinks and forum backlinks which no need any big efforts. Let have a look at the kinds of backlinks in the internet world.

Do follow and No follow Backlinks:

Do-follow & no-follow backlinks are the two types of Backlinks.

Do-follow backlinks:
The Do-follow backlinks are kind of permanent backlinks. They are considered as link juice. They help you in more search appearance on many keywords.

You can create Do follow backlinks by guest post, submission directories, and do-follow comments, forum sites and much more.
An example of do-follow Link is:
<a href=”https://www.facebook.com/”>FaceBook</a>

No-follow backlinks
No-follow Backlinks are not permanent Backlinks. The no-follow backlinks are links or an HTML attribute that instruct Search engines like google to do not follow the following site or the keyword link. You can create No follow Backlinks by social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. and No follow comments. So these are a slight difference between Do follow and No follow Backlinks.
An example of Nofollow Link:
<a href=”http://www.google.com/” rel=”no follow”>Google</a>

Big difference between Do follow, and No follow. Do follow Backlinks give thumbs up to your website in search engine point of view but No follow never give you any kind of juice to your site.

Why Backlinks are important for your site?

They’re online votes that tell Google how important your site is. The more votes help you to get higher positions on Google SERP. Not all backlinks are equal you have two different types of Backlinks high quality and low-quality Backlinks. You always need to focus on getting high-quality Backlinks for example if your website about making money online and there’s another website that is about weight loss and that website linking back to your site so this is really not going to help out too much because that website is in an unrelated niche. This Backlink is a kind low Backlink.

If you want to get high-quality Backlinks, so you need to get Backlinks that coming from the same niche that you’re in. Another thing I want to point out there that high authority Backlinks gives more advantage to your website what I mean by this is a site that has a high PageRank. PageRank is measured between zero to ten and large number the higher PageRank that website has and that site you need to link to your site.

 What are Dofollow Forum Sites?

If you’re unknown with online forums, they essentially provide a platform for a bunch of
people to talk about a particular topic (e.g., Blogging).

The do-follow forums use the do-follow HTML attribute, and that helps you to boost your backlinks and give link juice. Backlinks from a high PR forum is good for your blog to raise your ranking in search engines like Mr. google, yahoo, bing and much more.

Especially, If you are active in a niche discussion forum which provides do-follow links, you will not just get a quality link juice to your blog, but you will also stay receiving targeted traffic as well.

How to use online forums for link building?

  • Find niche-specific forums
  • Join
  • Do some posts.
  • Add value
  1. Find niche-specific forums for you from the list. And start posting.
  2. Join any forums that look to be industry leaders and with great authority.
  3. You can usually spot industry leaders by looking at the engagement on the posts – If there are regular posts/replies/threads, it’s probably a great forum to get involved in:
    If the last thread was started months ago.
  4. Make up-to 10 posts on this forum then start link building.


Benefits of Dofollow Forum Posting Sites.

Here are 5 Core of Forum Posting Sites.

  • Your website looks more impressive in the eyes of Google and another search engines.
  • Traffic, Traffic, and Traffic
  • Give you more exposure.
  • Increases DA, PA & other Metrics
  • Increase website Google Page rank.

Some things to avoid while using forum sites.

  • Don’t try to break site.
  • Don’t try to spam.
  • Prevent to share adult/porn content.
  • No content that advocates against an organization or group.
  • Don’t post copyrighted material.
  • Don’t post drug, alcohol, and tobacco like content.
  • No hacking and cracking content.
  • Sites that offer compensation programs (“pay-to” sites).
  • No violent contents.
  • Don’t release weapon related content.
  • Don’t include links to sites with such content.


Dofollow Forum Posting Sites List Of 2017:

  • NairaLand forum
  • Forums.windowscentral.com
  • Developer Samsung community.
  • Highrankings.com/SEO Forum
  • howto-makemoney.com/Forum
  • community.oppo.com
  • Webhostingtalk.com
  • Forums.abs-cbn.com
  • V7n.com/forums
  • forum.joomla.org/
  • Cnet.com/forums/
  • Seoforums.org/
  • Forums.mysql.com
  • forums.androidcentral.com
  • sitepoint.com/community/
  • Filesharingtalk.com/forum.php
  • forum.deviantart.com
  • articlestars.com/forum/
  • Affiliatefix
  • forums.digitalpoint.com
  • forums.mysql.com/
  • flickr.com/help/forum
  • addthis.com/forum
  • bbpress.org/forums
  • forums.cnet.com
  • webhostingchat.com/forum/forum.php
  • mathforum.org
  • wrensoft.com/forum
  • city-data.com/forum
  • chronicle.com/forums
  • warriorforum.com/
  • Answers.microsoft
  • Forum.deviantart
  • Filesharingtalk Forum.
  • Geekvillage.com/forums.
  • html/forums
  • Mygamebuilde/forum/
  • Phpbb.com/community/
  • Gardenweb Forum.
  • Forums.Wsj.Com/
  • Http://Forums.Cnet.Com/
  • Forum.Videolan.Org/
  • Www.Wrensoft.Com/Forum
  • forum.wordreference.com/
  • Pkp.Sfu.Ca/Support/Forum
  • Arch.Designcommunity.Com/
  • Forum.Filezilla-Project.Org/
  • Awasu.Com/Forums
  • Forums.Mozilla.Or.Kr/
  • Message.Snopes.Com/
  • Www.Softcatala.Org/Forum
  • Forum.Wordreference.Com/
  • Forums.Mozillazine.Org/
  • Forums.Spry.Com/
  • www.affilorama.com/forum/
  • Ckeditor.com/forums
  • 000webhost.Com/Forum
  • Flashpanoramas.Com/Forum
  • Forum.Visagesoft.Com/
  • Forum.Maxthon.Com/
  • Gallery.Menalto.Com/Forum
  • Forum.Filezilla-Project.Org/
  • Forum.Videolan.Org/
  • Forum.Wordreference.Com/
  • Accessifyforum.Com/
  • Sitepoint.Com/Forums/
  • Delphiforums.Com/
  • Forums.Amd
  • Forums.Gentoo.Org/
  • Forum.Skype.Com/
  • Bbpress.Org/Forums/
  • Forums.Metacafe.Com/
  • Guru-Forum.Net/
  • Kinder.Univie.Ac.At/Forum
  • Forum.Whatismyip.Com/
  • Forums.Foruminternet.Org/
  • Forums.Phpbb-Fr.Com/
  • Forums.Yourkit.Com/
  • Antionline.Com/
  • Forums.Omnigroup.Com/
  • Antionline.Com/
  • Forums.Allaboutjazz.Com/
  • Sends.Hqu.Edu.Cn/Bbs
  • Boards.Core77.Com/
  • Www.City-Data.Com/Forum
  • Www.Ozzu.Com/
  • Forum.Uni-Hannover.De/
  • Chinalanguage.Com/Forums
  • Textkit.Com/Greek-Latin-Forum
  • Forums.Naseej.Com/
  • Ubuntuforums.Org/
  • Freewebsitetemplates.Com/Forum
  • Www.Ddth.Com/
  • Alice.Org/Community
  • Forums.Foxitsoftware.Com/
  • Baltimoresun2.Com/Talk
  • Idpf.Org/Forums
  • Cmsimpleforum.Com/
  • Htmlvalidator.Com/CSEForum
  • Forum.Parallels.Com/
  • Forum.Onlineconversion.Com/
  • Http://Forums.Futura-Sciences.Com/
  • Http://Www.Nhse.Org/
  • Http://Forum.Ertonline.Gr/Deytero
  • Http://Forums.Macosxhints.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Isilo.Com/
  • Http://Www.Kirupa.Com/Forum
  • Http://Icl.Cs.Utk.Edu/Lapack-Forum
  • Http://Aumha.Net/
  • Http://Www.Brooklynian.Com/
  • Http://Www.Online-Literature.Com/Forums
  • Http://Kirupa.Com/Forum
  • Http://Forums.Lablit.Com/
  • Http://Discuss.Infidels.Org/
  • Http://Wysiwygwebbuilder.Com/Forum
  • Sosmath Community.
  • Askaboutmoney
  • ForumsHostgator
  • Forums.M-Audio.
  • Duc.avid
  • Winforum.
  • Forumsig
  • chronicle/forums.
  • Forums.Kayako
  • Forums.Mozillazine.Japan.
  • Photoshop-designs.
  • Forum.Meteonetwork
  • Forum.Mikrotik
  • Redlers/Forum.
  • Http://Forums.Seedsavers.Org/
  • Http://Www.Colboard.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Ilmeteo.It/
  • Http://Forum.Kinopolska.Pl/
  • Http://Www.Pcwelt.De/Forum
  • Http://Forum.Future-Internet.Eu/
  • Http://Forum.Biblioteka20.Pl/
  • Http://Www.Mozilla-Enigmail.Org/Forum
  • Http://Www.Hostforum.Ru/
  • Http://Tmp.Garyr.Net/Forum
  • https://forum.xda-developers.com/
  • Http://Www.Wowzamedia.Com/Forums
  • Http://Forums.Devnetwork.Net/
  • Http://Forums.Soe.Ucsc.Edu/
  • https://wf.my.com/forums/
  • Http://Xooit.Xooit.Com/
  • https://us.battle.net/forums/
  • Http://Www.Apdaweb.Org/Forum
  • Http://Forums.Securityinfowatch.Com/
  • Http://Vjforums.Com/
  • Http://Forums.Rsna.Org/
  • https://cheftalk.com/index.php
  • Http://Forum.Pon99.Net/
  • Http://Stagemag.Co.Il/Forum
  • Http://Www.Ronpaulforums.Com/
  • Http://Www.Quakecon.Org/
  • Http://Openebook.Org/Forums
  • Http://Www.Podcastalley.Com/Forum
  • Http://Forum.Undernet.Org/
  • Http://Foro.Comunidadjoomla.Org/
  • Http://Www.Joomlaportal.De/
  • Http://Forums.Caspio.Com/
  • Http://Talk.Baltimoresun.Com/
  • Http://Www.Openebook.Org/Forums
  • Http://Forum.Ovh.Com/
  • Http://Www.Wysiwygwebbuilder.Com/Forum
  • Http://Www.Thunderbird-Mail.De/Forum
  • Http://Forum.Opencube.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Yoono.Com/Forum
  • Http://Djvu.Org/Forum/Phpbb
  • Http://Forum.German-Business-Portal.Info/
  • Http://Www.Booklookerforum.De/
  • Http://Bbs.Sends.Cc/
  • Http://Www.Forumosa.Com/Taiwan
  • Http://Www.Apachefriends.Org/
  • Http://Www.Blackberryforums.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Corecodec.Com/
  • Http://Forums.Mtbr.Com/
  • Http://Forums.Powweb.Com/
  • Http://Www.Vbforums.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Teamphotoshop.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Tmj.Org/
  • Http://Www.Englishpage.Com/Forums
  • Http://Www.Gimpforum.De/
  • Http://Www.Bautforum.Com/
  • Http://Www.Gotoandlearnforum.Com/
  • Http://Www.Teach-Nology.Com/Forum
  • Http://Www.Politische-Bildung-Brandenburg.De/Forum
  • Http://Www.Karriarguiden.Se/Forum
  • Http://Forum.Ertonline.Gr/Ertonline
  • Http://Www.Forum.Wosp.Org.Pl/
  • Http://Roundcubeforum.Net/
  • Http://Council.Smallwarsjournal.Com/
  • Http://E107.Org/E107_plugins/Forum/Forum.Php
  • Http://Www.Shatters.Net/Forum/
  • Http://Forum.Avantbrowser.Com/
  • Http://Forum.Kaspersky.Com/
  • Http://Tinymce.Moxiecode.Com/Punbb/Index.Php
  • Http://Forum.Websitebaker2.Org/
  • Http://Adblockplus.Org/Forum/
  • Http://Www.Epilepsyfoundation.Org/Efforums/Forum/
  • Http://Forum.Utorrent.Com/
  • Http://Www.Skepticforum.Com/
  • Http://Www.Podcastalley.Com/Forum/
  • Http://Www.Testfreaks.Com/Forum/
  • Http://Www.Forum.Spreadshirt.Com/
  • Http://Www.Subdreamer.Com/Forum/
  • Http://Www.City-Data.Com/Forum/
  • Http://Forums.Seochat.Com/
  • Http://Www.Cre8asiteforums.Com/Forums
  • Http://Submitexpress.Com/Bbs
  • Http://Www.Highrankings.Com/Forum
  • Http://Www.V7n.Com/Forums
  • Http://Www.Webmaster-Talk.Com/
  • Http://Www.Daniweb.Com/Forums/
  • Http://Www.Webmaster-Forum.Net/
  • Http://Forum.Newsgator.Com/
  • Feedforall.Com/Forum/
  • forum.audacityteam.org
  • forum.whatismyip.com/
  • ubuntuforums.org/
  • Bloggerforum.Com/
  • Bloggertalk.Com/
  • Rss-Forum.De/
  • Cookingjunkies.Com/
  • Htmlforums.Com/
  • Forums.Afterdawn.Com/
  • Forum.Notebookreview.Com/
  • Techsupportforum.Com/
  • Forums.Worldofwarcraft.Com/
  • Theadminzone.Com/Forums/
  • Forums.Comicbookresources.Com/
  • Gardenstew.Com/
  • Movie-List.Com/Forum/
  • Codingforums.Com/

Final Words:

If you find some forum or links here in this post are not working please don’t forget inform us in the comment section. We will fix them or remove them from the list as soon as possible. And we are working hard do increase the list. If you like my work so please don’t forget to share it with your friends, family, and social media profiles.


About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site thesecretweb.org to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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