Data Protection Agreement Governing Law

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“Accredited affiliate” refers to all of your related companies that (i) are authorized to use subscription services in accordance with the agreement, but who have not signed a separate agreement with us and who are not a “customer” within the meaning of the agreement, (ii) are responsible for the personal data we process and (iii) are subject to EU data protection legislation. This is how Edgecumbe manages international transfers in its data processing agreement. This is for subprocessors, but can also be addressed to a data processor. Personal data is only processed to the extent necessary to provide the necessary services, i.e. to the completion of a mission or a request for customer assistance. (a) that the processing, including the transfer itself, of personal data has been carried out and is in accordance with the relevant provisions of applicable data protection legislation (and, if necessary, notified to the competent authorities of the Member State in which the data extract is established) and does not violate the relevant provisions of that State; This data processing agreement is subject to the regulatory clause established under the main subscription contract, which excludes collision status rules, and is applied accordingly. In the absence of a regulatory clause, the legislation applicable to the contracting party to outsourcing, determined by the headquarters, applies. This data processing agreement governs the rights and obligations of the subcontractor to ensure that the full processing of personal data complies with applicable data protection legislation. (e) to process without delay and formal any request from the exporter of data concerning the processing of personal data subject to transmission and to comply with the advice of the supervisory authority when processing the transmitted data; Article 3 For the purposes of this decision, the following definitions apply: (a) specific categories of data” the data covered by Article 8 of Directive 95/46/EC; The subcontractor must immediately inform the person responsible for any breach of this data processing agreement or accidental, unlawful or unauthorized access to personal data, the use or disclosure of personal data, or the fact that personal data may have been compromised or that the integrity of personal data has been breached.

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