Clinical Trial Agreement Australia

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A hardware transfer contract (MTA) is a contract between the hardware supplier and the recipient. It licenses the recipient for the use of proprietary material and ensures that both parties understand how materials can be used. MTAs regulate issues such as the ownership of derivatives and material modification, the transfer of risks, restrictions on use, the confidentiality of materials and invention rights information, and the results of research resulting from the use of materials. Just as research sponsorship agreements and confidentiality agreements can influence the ownership and dissemination of research results, MTAs can also influence. The MACH Group Research Collaboration Agreement model is designed from time to time for research cooperation between two or more parts of the Melbourne Academic Centre for Health (MACH). This research collaboration agreement assumes that there is no specific leadership or coordination in the research cooperation for which it is used. It accepts parties that provide “materials” for research cooperation and devote small to medium resources for the parties. However, if more complex cooperation is proposed, such as those relating to the commercialization of intellectual property or financing conditions, a more detailed and appropriate cooperation agreement is likely to be more appropriate and the parties should involve their respective legal advisors to support them. More information can be found in the MACH guidelines. The New Zealand Association of Clinical Research (NZACRes) has developed a standardized clinical research agreement (SCTRA) based on the Medicines Australia model that has been used successfully in Australia. More recently, NZACRes has consulted extensively with the New Zealand clinical research industry to update the standardized clinical trial research agreement. For all commercially sponsored studies, the sponsor must purchase insurance throughout the study.

In Victoria, there are specific requirements for the amount of insurance coverage. There are five different CTRA models from Medicines Australia for use in clinical trials: If you opt for a non-standard agreement or if you are hired by a third party who wishes to use a non-standard agreement, a legal review is required.

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