Blue Sky Agreement

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Recognizing that there may be situations where other countries will not be interested in negotiating an open skies agreement with Canada, consideration is being given to reducing the exchange of rights, which seeks to pursue liberalization without compromising Canada`s ability to conclude an open ski agreement in the future. In all of these cases, Canada will try to ensure maximum flexibility for all freight services. The following guidance applies to Canada`s approach to bilateral negotiations on air transport for scheduled passengers and cargo services. Canada`s 2002 Multi-Determination Directive remains applicable. This directive facilitates both the designation of all Canadian airlines wishing to offer scheduled services in international markets and the allocation of rights in cases where designations are limited and/or not used under our bilateral agreements. Among the reflections that could influence Canada`s approach to bilateral aviation negotiations, Canada will proactively work to negotiate more liberal agreements for international scheduled air services, providing maximum opportunities for all-cargo passenger and cargo services to be added based on market forces. . . .

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