Blogging for Beginners Tips and Consideration

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Blogging for beginners is an interesting thing that is done by many people these days. Especially since now it is pretty easy to access the internet as part of your daily life. Many people choose blogging whether it is as hobby or as a way to express themselves that they could not done elsewhere. Even when you do it casually or take it seriously, there are still things that you need to consider before starting it. Here are some things that you need to consider when you are starting your blogging experience as beginners.

Things to Consider when Blogging for Beginners

  1. Choosing platform

You can start blogging for beginners by choosing your platform since actually there are various blogging platform that you can use. The top 3 platforms that people use are WordPress, Blogger, and Tumblr. Those platforms are big and have their own audience to work with. Those platforms are also pretty simple and easy to use for beginners. So, take a look of those platforms then decides which one you like the best.

  1. Choosing hosting

Next is to decide whether you want to host your own blog or just use available host for free. If you blogging casually and for fun, then you can use free hosting that provided by all of those platforms that we mention before. But if you want more professional look, surely hosting it yourself is preferred. Do not worry as you can migrate your hosting in the future when needed.

  1. Consider the limit

Now if you decide to go for free hosting, you should also remember that there are a few limits that you could not do in your website. For example, you would not get your own domain which makes it appear unprofessional. Moreover, there are limits on your file size, thus you might not be able to put content that needs bigger storage such as video or high-quality image.

  1. Prep your blog

Now once you have everything in hand, then you can start blogging for beginners. Begin your preparation such as choosing a niche, creating good name, choose your domain, choosing design, etc. learn how to create a blog according to the platform that you choose since different platform has different method. But generally, they are all very easy to learn so you do not have to worry. Regarding design there are plenty free designs that you can use for your website, so you only need to edit those easily.

  1. Write your content and publish

Once you have all of the preparation ready, now you can start to write your content and publish your blog. You might want to write the content based on the best niche that you know. Of course, blog can contain everything that you want since it is yours. However, if you plan to monetized your blog in the future, creating suitable content might be helpful.

Those are the thins that you need to do when you want to try blogging for beginners. Essentially blogging is all about content, so just try first then worry about other aspect such as design later.

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