Best Website Design Ideas and Trend 2019

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Surely you want to use best website design to make your site more interesting and attract more visitors. This is why; it is important to learn about the current trend in website design which makes your web even more interesting. There are various things that affect the design each year and the trend always change according to what people see interesting. Surely this design will have great impact on your visitor whenever they visit your website. This is why, it is important for you to choose your website design carefully. Here are some of the trends that you need to use these days.

2019 Best Website Design Ideas

  1. Mobile friendly

Google had decided to prioritize mobile website from last year onwards. Which means website that are more mobile friendly is preferred and will have higher SEO rank in the search engine. To coop with this issue, you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly by using responsible design so it can be automatically scaled for mobile viewing.

  1. Fast

Besides the direct appearance, design also effect how fast your website will load. Surely people want to be able to open your website as fast as possible. Which is why, you need to ensure that your design is fast enough to load on average internet speed. According to some research people only need 3 seconds to decide whether they will stay on your website or not. That is how fast your website should load so they will stay.

  1. Illustration

For the appearance, the current best website design trend is to use some illustration for your website. Surely you do not want to use illustration that everyone else also uses in their website. That is why, it is better if you create one that is personalized specifically for your website. This will also make your website appear more interesting in the viewers eyes as they will remember the visual of your website.

  1. Animation

Now to make your website even more interesting, what you need to do is to add some animation. This is usually done by using CSS3 technology which makes it easier to create animation for a website. This is the newest trend that people start to follow these days thus you will see the development of this technology will be very huge in the couple of years in the future.

  1. Minimalism

It is a trend that start to rise these couple of years and it still continue to be popular design that people use. It surely gives clear and easy view for the eyes which makes people feel comfortable to stay for a long time in your website. By adding some animation and illustration to the minimalist design surely the impact would be even better.

Those are several best website design ideas that you need to apply to your site to make it more interesting. Of course, personalization would be needed to make the design appear more impactful. And you should also choose which trend that will be suitable for your website to make it match with your audience preference.

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