Top 10 Best Places to Share Blog Posts in Order to Gain Huge Traffic.

Hey, Are you still searching for some ways to gain real traffic to your website? Or may be promoting your product or business but not getting the traffic you truly desire. So, you’re in the right place in order to increase traffic.

Well as you follow along to this article step by step you will start seeing some great results. So today in this article I’m gonna show you how to quickly get real traffic by sharing posts on top 10 web places. By the way, I don’t even know or say these are the only 10 top places to gain traffic. I actually want to rank this content and to gain visitors attention to come on this page.

Best Places to Share Blog Posts.

There may lot of other better web sites to gain real traffic. But I just wanted to tell you these are the best sources which I really like and use them most to gain massive traffic. These are the best places to share blog posts anytime.

FaceBook And its Groups.

FaceBook And its Groups.

The facebook one of the most popular and most usable social media network in the world today. Facebook is the best way to engage customers, build loyalty and to get targeted traffic to your website. So the easiest and best way to build engagement and loyalty on the facebook is to share your blog posts in the groups. The groups in the facebook are significant communities which allow you to share your posts with lots of members. Facebook groups make it easier to share posts with world wide members of the groups. There are lots of Facebook groups which are created by bloggers to engage and connect with other bloggers. These groups allow you to share your blog posts to your target visitors world wide.

And make sure to include your blog posts link in a clear call to action. So people on facebook can easily click through to your website.

We found some useful collection blogging groups for you on facebook which allow you to share your blog posts. They are listed below with links, just join them and start sharing.


FaceBook groups list with the redirect links.


Twitter My Favorite.

twitter for website traffic

Are you looking to get engaged with twitter users for your blog? You may want more followers, more engagements, and of course the massive traffic for your content. 

Twitter is the another prominent and most popular social media website in the world. Twitter is beautifully and no doubt best way to get targeted traffic to your beautiful website. 

Something about Twitter:

  • There are 100 million users log in daily on the twitter.
  • There are 319 million monthly Twitter users in the world.
  • Nowadays 32-33 % of internet users are using Twitter social media.
  • More than 450 million tweets are sent on Twitter by their users.
  • Twitter becomes the brilliant way to increase website traffic for the webmasters.

So now you may agree with us that how twitter is important for your online business and website. But to get targeted traffic from the twitter to your site is not an easy task. Here we share some tips to do right tweet to get more traffic.

Tips to do the right tweet for your blog post.
  1. Add a significant and valuable text in the tweet to attract peoples to stay and watch your tweet.
  2. Be visual: always add a beautiful image when you are creating a tweet for your blog post.       A study is shown that the twitter tweets with image links get more engagements of those without.
  3. Never give too much info about your content in the tweet body area: Because whenever you do this, people will read and guess your entire story simply by reading your tweet. Then why they go to click on your website link.

LinkedIn And its Groups.

Many of social media networks are often and checked when it comes to website traffic. In this case linked cover the best value of website traffic.

Linkedin is another powerful and most engagement maker social media network ever. I am manually using linked for my website traffic purpose. And you know LinkedIn just surprised me by it super referral traffic rate to my site.

If you’re using linked you may notice that LinkedIn is full of professional, businessmen’s, women’s, webmasters and many more talented peoples. So they know everything very well about internet, websites and posts links. That is the main reasons in front of me that LinkedIn is super ideal for content and websites traffic. It is also too great to connect with for your website business and growth.

Groups in LinkedIn for website traffic.

We know that groups make it very easy to share your content with world wide readers. Linkedin groups have the same condition that helps you share your quality with the world.

Linkedin groups are completely active with professional members. Sharing of your website posts in the LinkedIn can give you the best traffic results to your site ever. But there is something to be noted before sharing your content in the LinkedIn groups.

Some recommended groups to join on LinkedIn:

Tips to do right blog post share in the LinkedIn groups.

  • First thing just makes sure that the post you’re sharing is relevant to the group topic. Don’t Be a Spammer.
  • Add valuable thoughts in the in conversion title and description area.
  • Be engage with other members and like, comment, and share on other members posts. So they will do the exactly the same with you.


Flipboard Magazines. 


Are you looking for a real way that brings unlimited referrals to your beautiful website and contents? Then you will not find another way without Flipboard. There is no any social media that play a better role in the traffic generating easily without Flipboard.

Nowadays Flipboard becomes an important referral of traffic mostly for bloggers and webmasters.

Flipboard is by far the very easiest way to bring traffic with the less amount of time spent. The main reason I like the Flipboard most is that you don’t need a shit load of followers. I actually spend my most blogging time for the social media performance of my website. Like to create engagements, followers, like & shares and most important to bring traffic to my posts. It is literally smashed by spending only 20-30 minutes on Flipboard in a day for one week flat!.


The right tips to gain traffic from Flipboard.
  • Give your magazine of Flipboard a valuable name and description. Such as (Blogging)
  • Promote your magazine on social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. There are daily, or weekly threads perform in Facebook groups for Flipboard. Join them and generate followers for your magazines.
  • Find your relevant niche magazines to follow and interact with them (re-flips, likes, and comments).
  • Spend daily some time of your life on Flipboard if you want to bring great traffic.
  • Share high-quality content every day in Flipboard. Don’t forget to add an attractive description when you flip your content. This adds value to your content, but it also draws more attention to your post.


Google+ And It’s Communities.


The only social media network which is owned by Mr.Google. Google plus becomes a great and powerful traffic booster nowadays for website owners. Many bloggers are recommending Google+ for the best referral traffic method. Google+ is a lot easier than other social networks to gain massive amounts of traffic daily. You may know tGoogleogle+ is very important for growing popularity of a website. But there are some you need to do to gain traffic.

If you want to drive massive traffic to your website with google+, then you need you join Google+ communities. The groups on other networks are actually called communities in the google+. Google+ is full of every relevant topic communities. Join them and start sharing your good content.

Some recommended Google+ communities you must join.

  1. Blogging.
  2. Fashion Bloggers.
  3. Blog Community.
  4. Blogger Community on G+.
  5. Blogger Talk
  6. Promote Your Blog.
  7. Promote your blog & Twitter.
  8. +1 Group.
  9. Fashion Bloggers.


Google+ for search engine optimization.

Most of the webmasters and SEO consultant are considering Google+ is an SEO strategy. They say google+ shares is the tool that tells google about your website content value. Which helps you to increase your website search engines visibility. Because Google wants to know the content you’re sharing is useful, relevant, and attractive to the visitors.

Make sure you have added google+ share button to your website that will help your visitors to share it. The more your visitors share your post, the more google get interested in your post and rank it well.


Pinterest With Boards.

I never thought to use Pinterest for my websites and blogs. But we know the big part of successful marketing and blogging you is to do new things and experiments.  So I decided to use Pinterest to grow my website traffic.

I was amazed by the result, It increases my website traffic to 3x more. Now I know Pinterest can be a huge source of real traffic for any internet site. But it is actually ignored by some peoples especially by men’s. Because they think Pinterest is only for women’s recipes and fashions. But the study has shown that the 40% of new signups on the Pinterest are males. In fact, all of the popular topics on the Pinterest are decor, gaming, crafts, business, technology, and education.

Pinterest is quite very easy to use. You can customize your posts {“are actually call pins”} onto boards. You can easily make boards on the Pinterest about anything like {Blogging for make money}. So whenever anyone like blogging and search blogging money tips your board might have appeared in their search results. If they like one of your pin on this board they will save it {repin} to their boards. Now you know that if someone keeps {repin} your post to their boards, That your post will reach to their followers. And you get new followers, saves, clicks and traffic.

You can also increase your followers, pins, and saves by joining exchange threads on Facebook groups. Which I included bloggers groups above.


Reddit With Subreddits.

Reddit is a website founded in 2005. It’s is currently one of the biggest and most popular social bookmarking sites on the internet. The global Alexa rank of Reddit is 9 now. Which means you can get the huge amount to free traffic to your quality website.

The Reddit is the places that allow you gain thousands of traffic with no search engines rankings. If you’re a blogger or a content writer and trying to find some way to share your post and to get audiences. Then the Reddit is no doubt is the greatest places to gain thousands of traffic for your quality content. Thousands of websites are getting millions of views daily from Reddit.

Some tips to do a right post on subreddits.

First of all, what is subreddit? Subreddit is a forum dedicated to a particular topic on the website Reddit. To find your relevant topic {subreddit}on the Reddit go to this link.


  • The best reason to rank your post on the Reddit is to be relevant. Keep your post highly relevant your posts according to Reddit users.
  • Reddit hates you: You need to be a regular Reddit user to avoid haters to downvote your post. Make your self a Redditor, not a marketer.
  • Share your Reddit post with your facebook and twitter friends so they can upvote your post. If your post gets some upvote, it will also attract Reddit users to upvote your post and rank it well.
  • Don’t be a spammer.



Livinvia is a new social bookmarking website for only bloggers. You can submit your blog content for free and can gain decent referral traffic from it. If you want to increase your daily referral traffic, then submit your quality blog post on the livinvia.

Livinvia platform is straightforward to use and very easy to submit any content on it. You can also watch other bloggers posts and profile to connect with them. Livinvia shares the best stories by the best bloggers from the world wide. The Livinvia covers lots of different topic and niches which means your blog post can easily qualify to be published.

The two most important fundamental reasons that I like Livinvia very much :

1#: Livinvia helps you to connect with your relevant niche bloggers from anywhere in the world.

2#: Livinvia can make decent traffic to your website daily.





Digg is another news aggregator that select stories for the internet users such as science, technology, political issue, business, education and much more. Digg is a viral social bookmarking site on the web nowadays.

The Digg allow users to share great quality contents and get free massive traffic to their websites. Just like Reddit, Digg also allows their users to vote web contents up and down {called digging and burying}. The Digg social network is 12 years old founded in November 2004. Digg will be a great source of traffic for your website try it now.


Stumbleupon is another very great place to share your blog post to gain massive traffic. Stumble-upon is actually a social bookmarking site which is very popular by it’s recommended content to their users.

In this site, users are allowed to rate web pages, photos, links, videos just like Reddit and Digg. The Stumbleupon is nowadays a great traffic source for thousands of websites. The Stumbleupon is launched in November 2001, 15 years ago. This site is currently having 1,358 of global Alexa rank. The Stumbleupon is best for the growth of a website. Give it a try and start to see your traffic results.


Final Words:

If you really think that we helped and motivate you with this article so please don’t forget to share our post in your social media profiles. This will helps us to improve our website performance, and it will also help your followers and friends to understand the power of social networks. Thank you very much in advance.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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    1. Hey! Najeem
      First I am very thankful to you for your feed.
      Yes but you can share your English post to gain traffic and engage with them, They can speak English as well.

  1. Thank you for this list and I will join the sites and check them all out and begin using them as this was a ongoing question for me as I wasn’t sure how to get my blog seen. Have a great day.

      1. Livinivia seems nice, but I found it requires a snippet of at least 350 words. That is a lot of content you are giving away to the platform (copyright), especially for the many bloggers who blog often, but in short bits.

  2. Thank you for the list. I am always amazed and grateful to the social media community for their generosity in sharing information. Your list is comprehensive, useful and easy to read.
    Looking forward to an email or two from you.

  3. I actually use all of them expect one Livinivia. I never heard of Livinivia. Thanks for recommending it to me. I’ll give it a try.

  4. Thank you for this great post and thank you for supporting us. I work for Livinvia and if someone need help. i’m ready. Livinvia is not only a tool to gain traffic but olso to share your idea with more pepole.
    Join us and give it a try

  5. Sorry to say this,, but in my own experience, most participants in the groups are looking for who to read their articles too.. So you’d be surprised to share an article to a group that has 100 active members, only to see that 2 persons actually cared to read…

    I don’t mean to be pessimistic Jalil, but this is my personal experience.

    And honestly, the traffic you get from sharing your article to these places wouldn’t worth the stress

    Sorry but I only aired my view

  6. Hey Jalil,
    Nice post indeed. I learnt some new things from here like sharing in google+ communities, linkedin groups, etc.

    Regarding your query on stumbleupon traffic. Just do the similar thing like we do on other social network. Stumble others posts. Join relevant interests, comment on others post, etc. you will definitely get some traffic.

    Traffic is depend on your activity. Hope this will help you.

    Thanks for the extremely helpful post.

  7. Awesome article. I was really impressed by our stats that i am going to follow this article to the dot. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I found Livinia and Flipboard are new websites in you list to share a blog post. Definitely will use it.

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful article. Keep writing such a informative article.

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