Top 5 Best Domain Registrar Company

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It is important for you to use best domain registrar so you will get the best service and pricing when you start to build your blog. With this service, you will be able to purchase, as well as register a specific domain name. the registrar hold accreditation from ICANN which is an organization that manage all domain name. With this domain name, visitors will be able to find your website easily. This is why, it is important for you to find a registrar that able to register your domain name to ICANN. Some of them even provides addon which might be useful for your website.

5 Best Domain Registrar Company with Great Service

  1. com

This is truly the best domain registrar that is very popular in the market. The reason is because they are able to register various TLDs and even several ccTLDs from various countries. They even provide research tool that you can use to do name research for your domain. Their result even includes premium domain names. This service is good for you who need to register your domain but does not need to get hosting with it.

  1. GoDaddy

This registrar is the oldest one in the market which is why they already register millions of domains for millions of customers over the years. Their pricing is very competitive and you can even get discount for your first year upon registration. They have various domain extension that you can use from. They also allow you to change the domain setting and even transfer the name, which is why this service is very good for professional or even newbie user.

  1. Bluehost

This next company is actually free best domain registrar that is good for newbie users. They are actually a hosting company which also the official partner for WordPress. They have a package for hosting your website where you can get a free domain with it. Which is why, it is very good for newbie who wants to start to create a website and in need of an affordable hosting since you will also get a free domain with your subscription.

  1. HostGator

Besides providing hosting for website owners, this company also provides domain registration as part of their service. Their pricing is very competitive and they also have various extensions for domains that you can use. Their addons are also very good especially for domain privacy. Their DNS tool is very easy to use so you can manage your domain and even transfer it easily when needed.

  1. NameCheap

Another popular registrar company in the market that live up to their name with their competitive pricing. Their domain tool is very good when you need to find a good domain name as it will even give suggestion when the name that you want is not available. However; their interface is not really user friendly so newbies might need to learn their way around first when trying to use it.

Those are the best domain registrar company that you can use, with various features that you can get. Pay attention to their pricing, features, and addons before deciding which one to use.

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