10 Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins.Google Adsense Plugins

Ads are the best source of income of any website. But to put these ads in the correct places on our website we need plugins. We know that for WordPress users there is no easiest way to insert any feature without plugins. WordPress plugins are created by lots of contributors and developers. There are lots of WordPress ads management plugins in WordPress community but peoples need the best one. So we bring the best collection of WordPress advertisement manager plugins. They can also provide the feature to place Google Adsense ads anywhere on your blog you want.

There are millions of Google AdSense publishers who use official Google Adsense plugins to monetize their WordPress sites. But recently Google Adsense delete their official plugins from WordPress. Which is the easiest way to insert Adsense ads anywhere on your blog. So many websites owners like me got problems to add Adsense ads entirely on their websites. So that’s why I decided to share all top 10 best WordPress advertisement plugins to place any kind of ads on your site.

Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins List.


Adsense Plugin WP QUADS. Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No:1


AdSense Plugin WP QUADS

The best WordPress advertisement plugin which I am using from 2016. And first great plugin ads I recommend to use. This is a powerful ads plugin to place any kinds of ads anywhere on your blog. This plugin allows you add unlimited ads on your blog “premium version needed“. The free version of this plugin helps you to insert any affiliate or others kind of ads in your site.

WP quads used on large websites with millions of monthly views. The free version of this plugin works like a pro plugin, and this plugin is having more than 50K active installs. 


What’s great about “Wp quads” plugin?

  • This plugin works according to your needs. It means you can please unlimited ads on any place on your website.
  • You can disable ads on mobiles, tablets if you want including desktops.
  • Mobile ready responsive ads, Wp quads used mobile optimized and responsive Google Adsense ads.
  • Fully AMP support! The plugin supports AMP pages, in the premium version.
  • Insert any kind of ads easily. It has a very user-friendly admin panel.
  • Support any kind of ads such as local(direct ads) and your favorite networks ads such as Adsense, buy sell ads and much more.
  • Best advertisement WordPress plugins

Get free version here.

Get pro version here. 


Ad Inserter: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No: 2

The ad inserter plugin has many advertising features to insert ads on your website. This plugin is perfect and best way to add all kinds adverts including Google Adsense. It is also great and wonderful for any kind of rotating banners and shopping ads such as Amazon ads.

And also this powerful plugin provides you many options to insert any kind of javascript, HTML, and PHP ads to your WordPress site. This one plugin can perform many advertisement functionalities for you. 

What’s great about “Ad inserter” plugin?

  • The Ad inserter plugin can insert any code at any supported position of your blog.
  • Perfect for any kind of ads providing services such Adsense, Amazon, Clickbank, Buysellads, and much more.
  • 64 ads blocks.
  • Automatic inserting before the post/after the post/content area and in the paragraphs.
  • You can also insert ads in AMP pages.
  • Add codes in your theme header and footer with the help of this plugin.
  • Can insert Google analytics code.
  • The great feature of this plugin is it can trace your ads impressions and clicks when you’re running right ads.
  • Easy to use.
  • Best advertisement WordPress plugins ever.

Get free version here.

Get premium version here.



Advance ads: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins no: 3.

Advance ads is another free powerful ads management plugin for WordPress users. This plugin is a great and straightforward ads manager plugin for publishers to place ads on their blogs. The advance ad plugin will not only managed and insert ads in WordPress site but also to test and optimize them. This helpful plugin is having more than 40k+ active WordPress installs.

What’s great about “Advance ads” plugin?

  • Sell direct advertisement on your website with the selling add-on.
  • Can create banner ads and can create ads rotation.
  • You can insert any kind of your favorite ads network ads quickly. Like media.net, Chitika, Adsense and buy sell ads and much more.
  • You can display and place ads in supported area of your blogs such as header, sidebar, below the contents, footer area, and post area.

Get free version here.

Get premium version here.

Ad Rotate Banner Manager: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No:4

With the help of ad rotate manager you can quickly place any advertisement pretty much anywhere of your blog. Ad rotate is almost very easy to manage. You can also create your own ads with basic HTML, and Javascript code to sell them directly. This amazing powerful plugin can insert ads of your favorite ads networks, Such as adsense, buysellads, chitika, media.net, and much more.

What’s great about Ad rotate manager plugin?

  • Ad rotate can works for you on any ads services like google Adsense, media.net, buy sell ads, amazon, and much more.
  • You can easily manage advertisement and groups of advertisement of your site.
  • One of the best features of this plugin is that the plugin accepts PayPal when selling ads directly on your website.
  • Mobile responsive advertisement supported.
  • The plugin helps you know in your mail box when your ads need you.
  • You can see your ads stats, including as daily, monthly, and yearly stats.

Get free version here.

Get premium version here.

WP-Insert: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No: 5


Wp-insert is having lots of useful features and ad managing function just like a pro plugin. This plugin wp-insert is the simplest and easiest way to insert an advertisement to your website. With the help of wp-insert, you can add any kind of advert in any supported area of your site. It is not only an advertisement plugin. The plugin can do many useful works for your WordPress website. Such as creating of legal pages for your website like the privacy policy, terms, and condition and disclaimer pages of your site. And it the another Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins.

What’s great about the wp-insert plugin?

  • One plugin with many useful features.
  • The plugin lets you insert ads above and below the pages/content and left and right of pages/content.
  • You can also place ads on your sidebar with ad widget of this plugin.
  • Additionally, you can style your advertisement the way you want.
  • Further, you can create legal document pages for your website with the help this plugin. Such as privacy policy, terms & conditions and disclaimers page for your WordPress site.
  • You can also insert google analytics tracking code to WordPress website theme.

Get free version here.

WordPress Ad Widget: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins: 6


This is the quickest and easiest way to put and place ads on your website.  You will not find an easier way to put ads on a site with out this plugin. I usually recommend this plugin on social media for the advertisement to beginners. This free best ads management WordPress plugins works like a pro. This plugin is having more than 30k+ active installs.

What’s great about “WordPress ad widget” plugin?

  • You can place ads networks ads with this plugin.
  • You can put banners ads quickly.

Get free version here.

Meks Easy Ads Widget: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No: 7


With the help of “meks easy ads widget” plugin, you can create unlimited ads into your WordPress blog. There are also some impressive options to customize your ads according to your blog needs. The plugin is currently having more than 20k+ active WordPress installs. You can create unlimited ads in one widget. You can also add the slide and rotate ads. This is very simple advertisement plugin that works great for google AdSense publishers.

Get free version here.


Ad Injection: Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins No: 8

Ad injection can quickly place any kind of ads or other ads from your favorite advertising networks. Such as amazon, media.net, buy sell ads, google Adsense and much more others. It is incredibly simple and powerful advertisement plugins. It is the Best Ads Management WordPress Plugins. With the help of this plugin, you can place ads on existing content and pages of your excellent website.

Get the free version here.


Ultimate Ads Manager: Best WordPress Ads Plugin No: 9

This fantastic plugin helps you to create, manage, and optimize your ads for your blog. The plugin will help you show all time stats of ads, such as clicks and impressions. It will also help you to insert or put ads anywhere you want in your pages. It is very easy to use. I will create shortcodes for every of your ads.

Get the plugin from here.


Insert Post Ads: Ads Management Plugin No: 10

Are you looking a very easy way to automatically insert post ads? Hence with the help of this plugin, You can add and place ads quickly.  This fantastic and powerful plugin lets you insert ads after a specified number of paragraphs. It is having very easy and quick step method. The plugin allows you do automatic google adsense injection. This plugin will make your blog monetization very easy.

Get the plugin from here.

Final Words:

I hope you like this article. And it may be helped you. If this article helped you in managing your website ads. Then, please don’t forget to share your feedback with us in the comment section. Be sure to share this article with your social profiles.

About the Author: Jalil Mehar

Jalil Mehar, is a Web-Developer, SEO Consultant, WordPress Expert And Founder Of WPBloggerTricks, Blogging Egg and also the founder of A free social bookmarking site thesecretweb.org to help bloggers to gain do-follow backlinks and referral traffic.

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