Azure Enterprise Agreement Dev Test

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With Azure Dev/Test prices, users have three different options: Individual, Teams (Enterprise Agreement Customers) and another team option for customers who are not covered by the enterprise agreement. These pricing options are exclusively available to active Visual Studio subscribers. We will engage a little more deeply in the price options and the benefits that flow from them. As an active Visual Studio subscriber with the Microsoft customer agreement, run your Azure development and testing workload using the Azure plan for DevTest, which includes: Azure Discounted Prices to support your current development and test Enterprise Dev/Test to develop and test your applications. Use in the subscription does not include financially supported ALS, with the exception of Azure DevOps and Visual Studio App Center. In this Enterprise Dev/Test subscription, you can use the software covered by your Visual Studio subscription for development and testing. Microsoft server software supported on Azure virtual computers is listed here. Unlike the individual option, the Enterprise Agreement customer team option allows end-users to access the app to give feedback and perform tests – only Visual Studio subscribers can use the Azure resources run in that subscription. Microsoft Azure users who want to save money on their cloud costs may want to use one of these options. These pricing options do not offer additional Microsoft software charges for Azure virtual computers and exclusive development/test rates for other Azure services. That`s interesting.

What was that plan. Visual Studio Enterprise subscriptions for this customer? So even if Dev/Test Azure had been available via CSP, how would the customer have authorized the necessary subscriptions to Visual Studio Enterprise? The use of resources in this subscription is limited to developing and testing applications without guarantee of operating time. All three options allow users to use the software included in their Visual Studio subscription for development/testing. For VMs that are run in environments within all three options, users benefit from a discounted price based on a Linux VM rate.

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