Agreement On International Railroad Through Transport Of Goods

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The arbitral tribunal consists of one, three or five arbitrators in accordance with the arbitration referral agreement. Arbitrators are selected from those within the proceedings in point 1. However, if the arbitration agreement provides for five arbitrators, each party can choose an arbitrator who is not on the panel. If the arbitration agreement provides for a single arbitrator, it is chosen by mutual agreement between the parties. Where the arbitration agreement provides for three or five arbitrators, each party chooses one or two arbitrators as appropriate; they appoint, by mutual agreement, the third or fifth arbitrator, who is the president of the arbitral tribunal. If the parties are unable to agree on the selection of an individual arbitrator or if the selected arbitrators are unable to agree on the appointment of a third or fifth arbitrator, the appointment is made by the Secretary General. To the extent that the mandatory provisions of the law of the place where the arbitral tribunal otherwise sits are not final and are subject to the opposition of the parties, the award is final. conditions under which Member States can develop other international conventions to promote, improve and facilitate international rail transport. Membership of the Convention is open to regional economic integration organisations that have the power to adopt their own legislation, which is binding on their Member States with regard to the subjects covered by this Convention and of which one or more Member States belong.

The terms of this accession are set out in an agreement between the organisation and the regional organisation. In interpreting and applying the Convention, consideration is given to the character of international law and the need to promote uniformity. According to a judgment of the state`s judicial authority, railway vehicles can only be seized in a territory other than that of the Member State where the holder has his statutory seat. The term “holder” refers to the person who, as an owner, permanently operates the railway vehicle as a means of transportation. In order to facilitate and improve international rail transport, Member States agree to provide support in order to achieve maximum uniformity in the rules, standards, procedures and organisational procedures for rail vehicles, rail personnel, rail infrastructure and ancillary services. The contract for the use of cars as an international means of transport; CotIF expands legal interoperability and improves technical interoperability and contributes to the development of multimodal transport. It contains seven annexes which specify that Member States communicate to the Secretary-General their communications regarding the registration or removal of lines or services in accordance with paragraphs 1 and 2.

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