AdClerks Review: The Smart Alternative To BuySellads & Adsense

We summarized a great Adclerks review for publishers and advertisers to find the best marketplace to sell and buy unsold ads.

AdClerks was founded in 2012 by James Hakim, Previously it served advertiser and publishers in the name of Publicityclerks now it is AdClerks. AdClerks is a new advertising platform similar to the Google AdSense and BuySellAds. It is a great alternative for blogs and websites which have minimum 10k monthly impressions on their sites.
Basically, AdClerks allows users to buy and sell online ads directly. The platform has a similar structure to Buysellads ads. Adclerks is no doubt an outstanding alternative to Buysellads and Adsense.

It is a great hope for bloggers and webmaster who got a rejection from Buysellads and Adsense.


AdClerks Review for Advertisers:

Advertiser benefits

Adclerks always play a great role for the advertisers. Advertiser on adclerks can buy target website ads for a meager price. It’s fast and easy – Your campaign can be launched on a website of your choosing in less than 60 seconds. Because they do automatic Ad settings. So whenever you chose your supported ad and complete your payment your ad will run less the minute.

They also provide you full ad dashboard for your ad campaign. You can see all of the ad impressions, clicks, and CTR (click-through rate) daily, week, last 30 days and all the time states.

Benefits for advertisers:

  • Purchasing of ads on is a straightforward and easy process. Payment methods are PayPal, credit/debit card or you can use your account funds to purchase ads.
  • Adclerks let you to chose your targeted niche website to gain traffic.
  • Advertisers can see full reports of their ad campaign. Such as impressions, clicks, and CTR.
  • The impressive feature that Adclerks allow is that the advertisers can change the link and banners of their ads as well. This is the excellent features that every dealer wants.
  • Adclerks gives significant benefits for affiliate marketers as well. The affiliate marketer can place their affiliates links as well to increase their revenues. But the condition is that the publisher should approve this. According to Adclerks most of the publishers will allow an affiliate link on their site though.
  • Excellent support for advertisers.


AdClerks Review for Publisher:

publisher benefits

The publisher can make extra handsome money from the advertisement provided by adclerks. Adclerks is very easy to gain approval and this the most beneficial feature for the new website owner. But your site should contain the requirements for the advertisements.

Adclerks is entirely a free service for publishers to join. But AdClerks may charge 15-25% success fee to the publisher to any ad sale made.  By default, all publishers earn more than 75% revenue from their ad sales with upgrades “up to 85%” made in the judgment of the support team based on ad sales and the traffic quality of a site.

Benefits for publishers:

  • Easier than buysellads to gain approval.
  • 100% customization for publishers: You can set your own prices, locations/sizes & approve/deny advertisements for your website.
  • The publisher can make high revenue from their supported ad spaces.
  • Outstanding support as well for publishers.
  • Publishers can choose their own affordable price that is perfect for you and your advertisers.
  • The minimum payout for the Adclerks is very low minimum $25 which quite excellent for any small website owners.
  • The publisher can get their earned revenue twice a month.
  • You can get paid by PayPal, Bitcoin or directly to your local bank account.

Swift Ads For Publishers:

Swift ads is a new feature in Adclerks that will let publishers to make more money. SwiftAds is an in-house CPM advertisement unique feature which is exclusive only for the AdClerks publishers. Which monetizes unsold impressions for publishers while they wait for the direct ad deals on the marketplace of adclerks.

Benefits of swift ads for publishers:

  • One-click setup/installation of ads.
  • Aggressive CPM rates with 100% fill.
  • Monetizes your unsold ad zones. Convert your impressions into money.
  • Display 100% clean banner ads with no redirects/pop-ups
  • For exclusive to AdClerks publishers only.

Swift Ads For Advertisers:

Adclerks let advertisers to create advertising campaigns that target particular countries, desktop or mobile visitors, set your daily impression and much more!.

Benefits of swift ads for advertisers:

  • iFrame tags & Javascript are accepted for advertisers.
  • You can display banner advertisements for standard (IAB) ad unit sizes.
  • The advertiser can setup custom CPC & CMP rates and ad Geo-targeting such as specific countries, desktop or mobile traffic.
  • Also, video ads are supported.

Some Excellent Facts About Adclerks:

Adclerks previously know as PublicityClerks was founded in 2012 with the patrol of James Hakim. AdClerks Ad Marketplace has gained success in attracting over 10,000 registered websites and advertisers and serves over more than 15 million ad impressions monthly. Which is really amazing.

  • Adclerks provides fully automated self-serve ad marketplace with options to fulfill any unsold Ads to any Ad network of your choice, e.g., Adclerks is the perfect fit for your site.
  • It also offers an On-site buying cart feature for publishers to use on their website advertising page. Advertisers can thus quickly and directly buy any an Ad space from your site.
  • Publishers receive payments either through credit card or PayPal just like to BuySellAds payment options. The options for payment are PayPal/Credit card, and also Payoneer and Bitcoin options will come soon according to Adclerks team support.
  • AdClerks minimum payment threshold is $25 which is awesome for small blog/website.
  • You can cash out twice a month.

Check the interview with the founder of Adclerks to learn more information about Aadclerks success and unique features.

See what their customers say about them:

How To Get Quick Approval In Adclerks?

To gain quick approval in adclerks ad marketplace your website or blog should contain the requirement provided by adclerks program policies. Before you go ahead for submitting your site application, please make sure the following requirements on your website.

It’s quite easy.
Just a few requirements are following.

  • Your website should contain live and fresh content on your site or blog. No copied content allow because adclerks respect other sites hard work.
  • Your site must be good-looking, handsome and responsive.
  • Only try top domain names websites or blog like (that’s mean you can’t get approval for free domain sites like and
  • Only English language contents websites or blogs are accepted.
  • Your website must gain real and organic traffic. The site will not get approval which generates bot traffic sources or traffic exchanges, e.g., HitLeap, etc. are completely not allowed.
  • Last and most important, at least more than 100k impressions on your site (if you are in low you can still submit for a review). If less your website may still consider based on their advertiser’s demand.

Top Reasons For Rejection:

  • The website which generated traffic from bot traffic sources or traffic exchanges sites. Such as HitLeap, Easyhits4u, etc. are totally not allowed.
  • Website in another language (only English required).
  • The website having too many ads or pop-ups.
  • The website not complete or updated regularly.
  • Adult oriented or illegal / questionable porn content.
  • Low-quality design or poor responsive look.

Important Note for the publishers:

If your site is getting less than 100k impression, you should not lose your hope. Because I got approval when my website has only 20K impressions. And also we notice many sites on buysellads and adclerks which are getting with less than 100k impressions monthly. All matter depends on approval is the quality of your website contents, design, and some special requirements. Such as no sub-domains, no traffic from bot, and language of your website only English.

How-To Apply For Adclerks?

Step 1: To apply in the adclerks just go to and create an account there. To create your account just fill the necessary information such as username, real name, your email address and a secure password. After filling required information just go & click on the create account “button” to create your account successfully.

Step 2: After creating your account just go and log in to your account. Here you will redirect to adclerks dashboard>> Now find publisher tab on the left side of the panel. Now click on Add website option.

Step 3: After clicking on “+add website” button you will be redirected to submit website page. Where you need to fill all necessary information about your website. Such as site title, website URL, select category of your site, give some useful description for your website for advertisers. website main keywords like SEO, blogging, etc. Give your website official Facebook page username and twitter username as well to attract more advertisers.

Step 4: After filling all information just click on the submit “button” Now wait for 3 working days to get your approval and disapproval report for the team.

Hope you like the adclerks review:

In the adclerks review, we cover every possible step for adclerks benefits for advertiser and publisher. We hope you enjoy reading this and get great information about it. Please share your views about this in the comment section. And don’t forget to share this with friends, family and your stunning social profiles.

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