7 Reasons to Redesign your eCommerce Website

It’s not an easy task to create a perfect E-commerce website. Web designers need to strike a delicate balance of technical specifications, aesthetics, and usability to guide the visitors to check out in an easy way. If your E-commerce site lacks in these areas, shoppers get frustrated and they start to leave your site without buying products and services.

When your E-commerce site starts to lose its profitability and you fail to meet your sales target in consecutive months/years, then you must think about redesigning your website as soon as possible. Here are some key factors that illustrate why you must go for your E-commerce website resign-

1. Image Makeover


The mood of shoppers changes every now and then. When you run an E-commerce website and keep selling your products/services, a time comes when buyers have low interest to buy from your site because of several reasons such as outdated website design and structure, insufficient information about products/services, usability problems, etc. All these factors start to affect your brand’s image if you don’t redesign your site as per the latest E-commerce design trends.

Once you redesign your website, visitors get attracted towards it and engaged with your E-commerce business more.

2. A sharp Improvement in SEO outcomes.

If you redesign your website with SEO in mind, it will help your site to rank well in search engine results. It if happens, people can easily find your site or its web pages using search engines. But, you need to be careful while redesigning your site. If there is any mistake in website redesign, it can its search engine ranking as well.

You should do the following while going through a website redesign to maintain its SEO rankings-

  • Use 301 redirects carefully as it will take users to new pages and will affect your page authority.
  • Always keep in mind that your website redesign should look superior to the old site. It increases the chances of your site’s better performance on different search engines. Control all aspects of the website redesign and minimize the errors. For example- Don’t let the incomplete site get indexed by search engines. It causes content duplication, reindexing of your site and loss of link juice.
  • Inbound links are essential for improving the ranking of your site. If you have high authority links on your web pages, use webmaster tools and ensure their presence on your site even after the website redesign.
  • Make sure that the new features (that you add to your site) don’t hamper your SEO efforts.

3. To Enhance the site’s Usability

If you want that visitors must keep landing on your website and dealing with your offerings, your site should be easy-to-use and must have the stuff people are looking for. Search bars and menu options should be clearly visible. Visitors must not face any problem while navigating your website.

Therefore, while redesigning your site, remove all clusters and make your site as simple as you can. This will increase the usability of your E-commerce site for different purposes.

4. To provide a painless shopping experience to mobile users.

A lot of shoppers use different mobile devices for online shopping. This trend is growing rapidly. If your website is not responsive to mobile devices, you may lose a big share of your E-commerce business coming from mobile shoppers.

When you redesign your site, you should opt for responsive web design. It will allow buyers to access your site easily on mobile devices and do online shopping.

If you run an E-commerce website based on Magento, you can use Magento extensions to take your E-commerce site to the mobile platform. Alternatively, you can build Mobile apps of your Magento site and encourage people to use it for online shopping. All these are important parts of a website redesign, helping you expand your E-commerce site easily.

5. To enhance the E-commerce business

E-commerce website redesign becomes mandatory if Google analytics indicate the poor condition of your site such as high bounce rate, negative behavior of visitors, declining sales, etc. You should have a look at the figures provided by Google Analytics and find out the problematic areas of your existing website and eliminate those problems during the website redesign.

Once you eliminate website errors or problems, your website becomes more user-friendly. As a result, they may rush to your website and give you more business opportunities.

6. To earn trust for search engines

Google keeps updating its algorithm from time-to-time to abolish the unfair practices of digital marketing and encourage genuine websites. It’s a fact that Google and other search engines look for the latest and up-to-date websites/ web pages to deliver the best results to visitors against their search terms.

If you redesign your website and make it up-to-date, search engines will prefer it while displaying search results. It gives you an edge over your rivals and you may find your website floating on the first page of search engines.

7. To improve your site’s security

With the rapid development of Internet, more advanced security challenges keep threatening the existence of E-commerce websites. That is why it is extremely significant for E-commerce website owners to foil security breaches from both front and back ends of their sites. A website redesign is a right time to ponder upon the security features of your site and make improvements if required.
Concluding remarks
When you redesign your E-commerce site, it befits you and your customers, both. It improves buyer’s experience and grows your sales. These are some main benefits of E-commerce website redesign. So, go for a site redesign (if necessary) and thrive in E-commerce world.

About the Author: Linda Wester

Linda Wester describes herself as a proficient web developer who has vast experience in converting PSD to Magento theme in an efficient manner. She loves writing useful insights about web design, eCommerce, Magento, SEO and SMO. To check out her more publications, follow Linda on twitter.

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