Top 3 Best Web Hosting For WordPress.Benefits/Performance/And Pricing

Are you looking Top 3 Best Web Hosting For WordPress and You may be thinking or Try to know which one best Web hosting company to online or run WordPress? As we WordPress is biggest and most popular open source Content management system in the world. WordPress is the chose to create Blogs and Professional websites. This (CMS) Content Management System allows millions of ordinary people’s create amazing websites with zero coding skills required. WordPress is best and best for beginners.
As we know WordPress is an open source software so to run WordPress online we need hosting run and install it on our domain. 
If your beginner and you’re looking to create a website with WordPress. But still thinking which hosting is best to run WordPress on your domain name. here we bring compression between top 3 most reliable and popular web hosting companies.

Top 3 Best Web Hosting For WordPress Honest Review.

These three web hosting companies does not give us a single cent of a penny to reviews our hosting in your website. we are just helping people to choose the best hosting before you run WordPress.

These Three Recommended Web Host Are:


How To Get Start With WordPress.

  • Domain name (
  • Need A web host to run WordPress.
  • WordPress Manually Downloaded from
You need get all three of these things and connect them all together manually which can be a headache for most people with no web developing experience. Today when you signup any of these three recommended the web hosting company you will get all three bundled together without any a headache and problem.
Domain+Web Host+WordPress=One Web Host Plan.

Performance Test Of These Three Web Host.

Now we are going to compare performance by running a website speed test to see who is the fastest on the basic shared server plan. The way we contacted this test is by using a tool by Pingdom. which performs a website speed test on based on performance optimization and load times.
We test these on basic shared plan of all these three web hosting companies.

Each Website Used The Exact Same.

  • We Use the Same Theme On All.
  • 1 BLOG Post With A Single Image.
  •  Same Header Image.
  • Each Website Receive The Same Caching Plugin To Maximize Performance.Plugin Name: W3 Total Cache.

Performance Test Results:

No:1 Got The Frist Position In Performance Test.

Each of the Web Host scored the same performance grade. Which means that our websites are highly optimized by using the same theme and caching Plugin.
SiteGround surprised me the most because it is not a very popular web hosting company but performance level is excellent. SiteGround website loaded up under a second at a blazing 769 MilliSeconds. Which is faster than a 93% of tested websites.
No:2 Got The Second Position In Performance Test.

In Number second Position in this performance test report is Which loaded significantly faster than HostGator with a load time of 1.11 seconds. This load time is quick enough to be considered faster than 88% of tested websites.

No:3 Got The 3rd Position In Performance Test.

In the 3rd position according to performance test which is contacted with “Pingdom speed test tool” is which is most popular hosting in the world nowadays. You can see the load time of HostGator is 1.90 seconds which is faster than 74% of tested websites. That’s Pretty solid performance for basic shared server plan.

Conclusion About Performance Reports:

So in the performance speed test, the got the first position and pass the competition.while comes in the second position and comes in 3rd position. So now time to check the Plans and pricing and benefits of there all three web hosting providers.

Pricing And Plans Of These Three Best Hosting Providers.

Now we are going to compare pricing and plans to see which one is most expensive.Weather on sale or during regular pricing. All plans we are looking on only shared hosting plans which are best for WordPress.

SiteGround Pricing And Plans.

Siteground is not very popular web hosting provider company but it still can do the best competition with the popular web hosting providers such Bluehost, Hostgator and Godaddy etc. By their cheap pricing, Performance, and Benefits.
SiteGround Provides Three Best Web Hosting Plans:

  • Startup.
  • GrowBig
  • Go Geek.
You can see their Plans names and Essential Features in the below screen shot.

SiteGround Shared Plans Pricing Without Coupons.


SiteGround Shared Plans And Pricings With A Special Coupon:
SiteGround offers a special deal of 60% off on all shared hostings plans.Which we received it this super coupon from Which is the best deal of SiteGround.Grab this deal and get 60% off on all shared hosting plans.

Bluehost Pricing And Plans.

Bluehost is the most well know and most popular web hosting provider in the world today. Now time to discuss plans and pricing of Bluehost. There are Three Plans of shared hosting in Bluehost.

  • Basic Plan
  • Plus Plan
  • Prime Plan
You can see Bluehost Plans names and Essential Features in the below screen shot.

BlueHost Without Coupons. BlueHost With Coupon:

You will get 66% off and with free domain from coupon which is the best deal of the Bluehost ever.

HostGator Pricing And Plans.

My Goal is to help you make the right purchase for your budgets and needs. So the web host we going to the pricing and plans is HostGator. Which is easily one of the most popular web host providers in the market today.So let’s go to pricing and plans of HostGator. There are three plans of HostGator.

  • Hatchling Plan.
  • Baby Plan.
  • Business Plan.

Hostgator Pricing without Coupon.

HostGator Pricing With Coupon.
We Give a very awesome coupon link below that will help you get 60% off in every plan.The coupon is taken from wpbeginner.

Benefits Of These Three Web Host Providers.


Benefits/Features Of SiteGround Hosting.

In the number one (1) is site ground. What’s not love in site ground they are a much smaller company than either Bluehost or Hostgator but still, they scored the fastest performance scores and lowest pricing after discount. SiteGround may not be as much of a household name is the other two.But it is one of the most popular web hosting providers for WordPress users specifically and it is also an official recommended web host on the official WordPress website.

Features and Benefits:
1#: Recommended By Offical WordPress Website.
The site ground web host is recommended by WordPress on their official website.

2#: Free Domain Name On Every Plan.
They completely provide a free domain for the first year with hosting plan.

3#: One (1) Click WordPress Install.
SiteGround provides one-click WordPress install which is best easy for WordPress beginners.

4#: SiteGround Allows 30-Days Money Back Guarantee.

Benefits/Features Of BlueHost Hosting. 

In the number 2 is Bluehost. BlueHost is the most recognizable household name in the web hosting market. Now we going to talk about benefits and features of BlueHost hosting.

Features and Benefits:

1#: Free Domain Name On Every Plan.
You will receive your domain name for free in the 1st year of your hosting plan. which means you do not have to pay 12 extra dollars for the domain name.

2#:1st Recommended Web Hosting Provider By Offical WordPress.
BlueHost is the number one recommended WordPress host By Offical WordPress Website,
Check Here.

3#: Very popular choice for WordPress users along with two (2) Million WordPress website.

4#: One (1) Click WordPress Install.
BlueHost Provide One click WordPress install. Which is the best feature for beginners to avoid a headache to install WordPress?

Benefits/Features Of BlueHost Hosting.

So coming in the third place is Hostgator. Which comes last in Performace but ended up with the highest cost after discount. It’s important to remember that the Hostgator site still loaded faster the 74% of tested websites. which is not slowed by any means. So HostGator is still better chosen than the hundreds of web host out there.

Features and Benefits:

1#: Award-winning technical support.
No doubt Hostgator is very awesome technical help support in 24/7 365 days.

2#: Server reliability with 99.9 uptime 100% guarantee.
This basically means that over the course of one year your website may only be down for less than 9 hours total out of the entire year. This is a major key for a lot of people and one of the reasons why Hostgator is up here with the best web host in the market today.

3#: One (1) Click WordPress Install.
This is one of the most important features for WordPress beginners as it allows you to install WordPress onto your domain just in minutes after signing up.

4#: 45-Days Money Back Guarantee.
The best feature of the HostGator is 45-days money back guarantee.Which is longer than BlueHost/SiteGround.

5#: Website Load Time Is Faster Than 74% Of Tested Website.
The Hostgator sites loaded faster than 74% of the tested website which is not slowed by any means.

Final Words:

Ok, we finish the competition. Now decision goes to you what web host is best for you to run WordPress.
I hope you get something in today tutorial. If you like it don’t forget to share it.And if have any question tell me in the comment section.


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