How To Remove Footer Credit Link from Blogger Template without Redirecting to Any Website.

Hello! Everyone Welcome to my website.Today I Am Going to tell a very special trick.Lots of my friend Asked me that how can we remove credit link from blogger custom template without redirecting to another website or blog.There are lots of professional blogger template designer such as bloggarthemes9,Themeforest,templateify,way2themes,templateism,etc. they provide a free version of a paid blogger template.This free version of the custom template contains credit link in the footer area of your blog.Which is hard to remove.Because they add a javascript coding to insert their credit link into the template.The problem is that if you remove the credit link and save your template so now if you visit your blog your blog will redirect to developer website. the question is that how to remove the credit link permanently.So follow me to do this.

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If you can’t fix this issue with that method then comment your template name in the comment section. I will find it & send you the code to remove it from your template and it will be fixed.I am asking you for template name because I download your template and find what the code they have given to footer credit link because there are the different code so I only give you one code in this article it may change in your template.I will find it and send you the code to remove it. 

Get Backup Of Your Template.

Frist of all please take a backup of your template because we going to remove or changing in your template coding.In this process, a small mistake can drop/down your template permanently.
So I strongly recommend you to take a backup of your template.If you don’t know How to take Backup of your template then follow me.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template.
  • Click on the “backup/restore”button in the top right.
  • Now Click on the “Download full template” button.

How To Remove Footer Credit Link From Blogger Template.

Step 1: This is the credit footer link on my blog template it may be changed in your one. Now Copy one of the texts from them.

Step 2: Go To Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit Template.
Now Press CTRL+F for the search box and insert the copy text into box and Press enter.

Step:3 Now edit it or remove its depend on you but after doing this then save your template.

Step 4: Now Search again for this below piece of code in your template coding.

var _0xbe12

Final Step 5: Once you find it then remove and now save your template.
Now visit your blog and see your blog will not redirect to another website.

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Final Words.
If you find this article helpful then please tell me in the comments section and also don’t forget to share it with friends , family, and social media.If your facing any problem then please feel free and confident to tell me in the comment section.

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  1. what is the name of your template? gently look for var _0xe490 then delete the code entirely. It starts with var _0xe490 ends with 3000 ) ; } ); It may be up to 2 or 3 appearnces

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