How To Get Quick Approval In 2017.

Quick and fast approval in is not so easy but I bring some advanced tips that will help you to get approval very fast. is considered to be the second best ad publishing network after Google Adsense. If your site is not getting approved by Google Adsense. Then you must give try to is a contextual ad network powered by yahoo and Bing. But today getting approved by is a bit crucial as there limit crossing invitation requests the company getting every day. so they accept only those sites have a Better ranking, Better Design, and Better traffic, Especially 50% of traffic from countries like UK, USA, and Canada etc.

My Website is rejected by you can see the below screenshot. But after following these tips I got approval in with 3,051,859 of Alexa rank.

Not Following These tips Screenshot I Got Rejection.

 How To Get Quick Approval.

Language Of Your Blog/Website. currently support only English language. If your blog/Website is not in the English Language obviously you will not get approval. If Language of Website is not in English then don’t waste your time to read this article. leave it now. Because there two most important reason for approval no 1st is Language and 2nd is Traffic from USA, UK & Canada. so if the language of your Website is not in English then how and why these countries people visit your website.?

The Design Of The Website.

The design of website matters for approving to The design of the website should be clear and visible especially the navigation bar should be easy to watch. Don’t use dumb design.

Content On Your Website/Blog.

 Content is the major thing on your website to earn handsome amount. The content of your website should be unique and original then you get approved by any kind of online advertising company. If you have any duplicate content on your site I recommend you don’t think more about because is not going to approve you. It’s my promise and challenge.

If you want to find out the duplicate content in your website then click here in case of duplicate content remove it and then apply for One thing I want clear that the duplicate content doesn’t mean your doing post on your website which is not done by other website owners that mean the text should not be copy from another website. You should write it with yourself and your own wording.

Website Traffic.

Traffic is really most important part of the website for earning the good amount. Traffic is the primary reason for getting approval on any PPC ads network. One of them is which focus more on website traffic than others. It’s a policy of that the majority of your website traffic must be from high regional countries like US, USA, and Canada. I would like to say that 50% of your traffic should come from these high regional countries.

The amount of Traffic.

The amount of traffic or views on your website should be more than 500+ per day.

What Alexa rank You Need For Approval. 

While approving your account the team analyzes Alexa rank of your no need high Alexa rank. The will issue your account if you have more than 30 Lack Alexa Rank of your website. But Your website should be 3-4 months old. also approved youngest sites in case of receive bundle of traffic and quality content.



Some Important Things To Do.

1#: Submit Your Website To Search Engines.Such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo.

2#: Removes Third Party ads for some days before applying on

3#: Add Some Important Pages To Leave Good Impression.

4#: Buy Top Level Domain.Investing of some dollars can save you from wastage of time and not gives more value to a low-level domain such as or

Buying 1 to 10 dollars domain is not a big deal.You can buy a custom domain for your blog from Godaddy and Namecheap.

5#: Your Website/Blog should contain 16-20 Posts.I got approval on my website only with 16 posts. Because my every content are high quality with 1000+ words.I suggest you write 4-5 posts with 1000+ words on the front page of your website/blog. 

6#: Your website Should Not Be Included In These Activities Which are given below in the screenshot.

quick approval

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