Mar 5, 2017

How To Prevent When Someone Uses Your Google Adsense Ad Codes.

How To Prevent Someone Who Uses Your Google Adsense Ad Codes.
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Today we will learn how to stop someone who is using your AdSense ad code to his website.If you are an Adsense Publisher then this tutorial his very helpful and important for you.Because if someone uses your AdSense ads on a spam or illegal website which don't meet AdSense Program Policy.Then this issue will give you a big chance to get disable in Google AdSense.If you love you Adsense account so you must alert about it.So you have to no worry about because we are with you.We are going to tell you some quick changes you have to do for your Adsense safety.

How Prevent From This?

#1: Go to Google Adsense and Sign in here.

#2: Click On the settings option from the sidebar menu.

#3: Now Click on My sites Option from the settings menu.

#4: Whenever it open just click on right side 3 dotted button which is highlighted with blue color in the below screen shot.

#5: Now you will see a menu, you have to click on site Authorization.

#6: After clicking on "site authorization" button A popup window appears with a button.You just need to click on the button to turn on it and click save.
This option will only allow verified sites to use you google Adsense ad codes.

#7: These changes may take up to 24 hours after that you can verify your sites to run your ads on verified sites only.

Note that ads may be still run on both verified and unverified websites but its guarantee that unverified sites earning and policy will not affect you Google adsense Account.

Need Help:
We hope you get lots of information about how to secure your AdSense account and ad codes.But if you have any question about AdSense related topics then ask me with confident in the comment section.And if you like this then don't forget to share this article with friends and family who are AdSense publishers.
Take care and Stay Blessed.

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