Mar 2, 2017

10 Most Important Things To Do After Installation Of WordPress.

10 Most Important Things To Do After Installation Of WordPress.
Hello!Everyone welcome to WBT WordPress Section.Today we are going to tell you about Top 10 most important Things that you must do after WordPress installation on your site.It's a very common question from the beginners what to do after installing WordPress.Here below we will tell you about Top 10 most important things to do in new WordPress installation.So let's start.

NO:1 Change Tittle, Tagline, Timezone and Favicon.

These all are the first things to do on your WordPress website.So Now.
Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Settings>>General>> And now update your Site title and Tagline.and now scroll down here and put the correct time zone.This function in WordPress is very important to show the accurate date on your website.After putting an accurate time zone now click on save changes.

Now time to Add Favicon.
Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Apperance>>Customize>> Nowhere in the menu click on Site Identity and here change the favicon.

NO:2 Change Permalink Structure In Your WordPress.

Always Note that if the permalink of your content is better then SEO is better. In the default option the permalink structure that tracked on the end of your site name of WordPress website which is not good for Search engines and not Googles friendly.
In this case, you must change the permalink structure.

Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Settings>>Now Select Permalink from the menu.Now there you will find few permalink structure choices for setting new permalink structure.The best one to use and search engines friendly are Day and Name or Post Name Structures.But my favorite is Post Name.

No:3 Configure Your Reading Settings In WordPress.

Whatever theme you have you can choose to have your latest posts on the front page or have a page like 'blog' to show the posts.Then you can decide how many posts to show on that page.So Let's start to configure your reading settings.

Go to WordPress Dashboard>>Settings>>Now select "Reading" from the menu.Here you can choose where to locate your all posts.and here you can also make changes that how many posts to show on that page.

No:4 Delete All unused Themes From Your WordPress Site.

When you decide or pick the theme you want for your WordPress website.make sure you delete all other unused themes.This will keeps your site safe from outdated themes and save your time and headache of updating them even though you are not using them.
If you're facing any problem to delete these themes from WordPress dashboard.Then login to your hosting Cpanel>>Go to file manager>>Then Public_HTML>>WP_content>>Themes and select the theme you want to delete.

No:5 Install Cache Plugin To Your WordPress Site.

Cache plugins very help to optimize loading speed of your WordPress website and they also take the load off your server.
Google loves those websites that have fast loading time.actually, Google rank fast loading time websites on the front page of any search results.So cache plugins are great for SEO purposes.
If your beginner we recommend you to use the w3 total cache or wp super cache Plugin to your WordPress website.

W3 Total Cache.

W3 total cache is having 1+ million active installs.W3 total cache is most popular WordPress plugin nowadays.This plugin will improve your search engine optimization (SEO) and user Experience of your WordPress website by increasing performance of your site and reduce the load time of your website.It's also increased
all kinds of other great things including page load times and page rank and some other optimization.
Get It Here.

WP Super Cache.
Wp super cache is another wonderful WordPress caching plugin with 1+ Million active installs.It is a free and very very fast caching engine for WordPress websites which produces static HTML files.This caching plugin saves the Html data and serving it to your visitor quickly.If your WordPress website is running slowly then this amazing plugin is perfect to make it fast.

No:6 Tight Or Improve Your WordPress Security.

WordPress is doubt a very good secure platform but you need to avoid of hackers.the first step is that you need to protect your admin area.There are many website security companies that will prevent you from the hackers and spammers.Many WordPress experts recommended sucuri for WordPress security.Sucuri is a website security company that specialize in WordPress websites Security.They protect and clean your website from hackers, DDoS, malware, and blacklists.
Go To Suciri.

No:7 Install An Anti-Spam Plugins To Your WordPress.

Spam comments are the pain and can fill up your inbox.Installing of an anti-spam plugin can keep spam off your site.
To stops spam comments there are two many plugins on the WordPress .here are 2 of them that are too good and popular plugins.

Akismet comes installed with WordPress but its need to activate it by API key.If you're getting lots of spam comments on your WordPress website then Akismet will stop those spam comments.Akismet is a free and popular plugin with 3+ million active installs.I already told you its need an API key to activate it.
watch the video of Akismet to activate API key.

Antispam Bee.
Antispam bee is another wonderful and great free and popular WordPress plugin with 200,000 active installs.With help of this plugin, you can fight with comments spammers.

No:8 Install An SEO Plugin To WordPress.

You may know that SEO stands for search engine optimization and how it's important for a website.A research says that 75% of traffic comes from search engines now you would agree how it's important.You can say that SEO is the practice of increasing quantity of traffic and visitors from search engines.There are many SEO Plugins in WordPress that will help you get rank higher in search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, and yahoo.But we recommend you these two plugins.These are very popular Seo plugins in the WordPress.You may hear about them no:1 Yoast Seo and All in one Seo pack.note that use one plugin at one time.

Yoast SEO.
Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugins used for the search engine optimization purpose of any website.It is the complete definition of WordPress SEO.It totally helps you in on-page SEO as well in off-page SEO.

All In One Seo Pack.
All In One Seo is another most popular SEO plugin for WordPress with 3+ million active installs.This plugin covers all SEO just like yoast.
Download It Here.

No:9 Optimized For Social Media Sharing By Installing Share Buttons Plugin.

Many themes don't contain sharing buttons if your theme contains that's good if not then must install a social sharing plugin to get visitors from social media like facebook, twitter, WhatsApp etc.
This is very important to install a sharing buttons plugin to your WordPress Website.Because whenever people like your post then they make their mind to share this so you provide them sharing options on your website.If they share its very big benefit to you and your website to get huge traffic and visitors from social media.Here I recommend you these 3 plugins to use for sharing buttons.

No:10 Schedule Regular Backups.

You put lots of time on your make sure you have a backup plan in case something happens to your website.Taking of backup of you wp website helps you when your site gets hacked or accidently lock yourself out.There are lots of backup plugins in WordPress that will help you take automatically your website backup daily, weekly and monthly in your computer storage, google drive and dropbox. here's 3 popular and best backup plugins to use.

Final Words.

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