Feb 13, 2017

Top Best 8 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins 2017.

Top Best 8 Free Must-Have WordPress Plugins 2017.

Hello! Everybody Today I come with top 8 WordPress plugins that a WordPress user must have.These will make your WordPress Site easy in all way.These WordPress Plugins will really benefit your business and it will grow up your audience and drive more traffic to your website.These all plugins are used by millions of WordPress users nowadays.These all plugins are completely free to use.

1: Yoast WordPress SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular WordPress plugins used for the search engine optimization purpose of any website.It is the complete definition of WordPress SEO.

It's Incorporates everything from a google snippet preview and page analysis functionality which helps you to optimized your page content, images, titles, meta descriptions and lots of more function about SEO.It's also let you set templates for titles and meta descriptions.so you can come up with a template and I'll have to think about it.Snippet preview let you see what all of this would look like in google search.
Download Here.

2: WPSocializer.

WPsocializer is a super cool plugin which inserts social share buttons below/above of your content as well as floating which is customizable share bar and shortcodes.You can insert these buttons into your posts sidebars so people visiting your website can easily share your content with friends, family, and social media.which will let you get great traffic from social networks.There is also many different social buttons that can be changed in a possible way what you like and used as according to your need.I found that it's a powerful plugin for WordPress site to get lots of traffic from social media.
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Video Review Of WPSocializer.

3: Contact Form 7.

In number 3 is contact form 7 this plugin will enable you to add a contact form to your website.It's super easy to use and customize.You can use contact form 7 to add a lead magnet to your website. having a lead magnet to your website is incredibly important for the success of your business and website.
Download Here.

4: Google XML Sitemaps.

In the number 4 is Google XML Sitemaps.This plugin generates XML sitemaps which means its help search engines to index your website contents much better and for information of your site to retrieved more efficiently.Which results in much more traffic and higher rankings from the search results.So I strongly recommend you to install this in your WordPress website.
Download Here.

5: Google Analytics By Yoast.

This plugin is developed by Yoast team but now this plugin is managed by monsterinsights.com team syed balkhi.Google Analytics Plugins connect your WordPress website to google analytics tool by adding your google analytics code.
This plugin starts tracking your visitors and users what they are doing on your site and tells you who are they and where are they from and what they actually doing on your website.Having this plugin allows you to know about your users and audience because no two people think exactly alike.Having analytics helps you to analyze your visitor's traffic and paint a complete picture of your audience where they are on your website.You can literally see what people are visiting on your site or up to analytics lets you make a visual assessment of how your visitors interact with your pages so you can learn what they are looking for and what they like.
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6: JetPack By WordPress.com

In The number six (6) is jetpack by wordpress.com plugin.its come with lots of helpful options to it.It's very important to have because it contains lots of useful features such as security of your WordPress website, related posts, Good for SEO, backup, increase your website speed, social sharing, and much more interesting features.Basically, its connects your self-hosted WordPress website to wordPress.com and its offers lots great features that can be used only by this one plugin.This plugin will improve your website performance and security.It's very good to improve your website load time and also it protects your website from root attacks.
Download Here.
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7: SEO Friendly Images.

This plugin will add automatically ALT and Title Attributes to all of your website images.that will help you get traffic from images in search results.This nifty little plugin basically improves your traffic from your images by search engines which are exactly what we want.SEO Friendly Images Plugin automatically updates all your images on your website with proper alt and title attributes for SEO purpose.The alt attributes is an important part of SEO.It describes images to search engines.so when users search for to determining the factor for a match.The title also plays an important role as this text will automatically appear in the tooltip when the mouse is over the image.It is a simple plugin but extremely effect getting your website images to show up in search results and driving lots of traffic to your website.
Download Here.

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8: Free Tools To Grow Your Email List, Social Sharing, And Analytics.

This is the number 8 plugin.This plugin helps you to grow up your website email subscriptions and double your traffic from social media.It's Called sumome list builder and for good reason.List builder converses one time visitors into long life readers and email subscribers. Because we all work hard to get people to visit our website.This awesome and beautiful plugin attack your visitors in the exact moment when your visitor are about to leave your website and immediately a light pop up email subscription widget will appear for asking the visitor for an email address.This is often for something that they just can't refuse because it's something so valuable.Its also completely customizable and free plugin.

Download Here.

Need Help.

If you're facing any problem about these plugins then please feel confident and free to tell us in the comment section.thank you for reading and also share this with friends, family, and social media.

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