Jan 23, 2017

How To Get Quick Media.net Approval.Advance Tips

Get Media.net Quick Approved . 

This ad network is working under yahoo and bing.media.net is considered as the second biggest PPC ad network and media.net is also the better alternative of Google Adsense.If you got a band and disapproved Google Adsense account you must give a try to media.net.
media.net is harder to get approved like Google Adsense and Buysellads.But I have some tips that will you understand to get approved quickly in media.net.

 Media.net Quick Approval Tips.

1: Daily Visitors or Traffic.
You must have 500+ unique traffic on your website or blog.

2: Design Of Website.
The design of the website should be simple, clear, visible and easy to navigate.

3: No Free Hosted Pages.
You can get approved media.net by free hosted pages but mostly they reject the application of that website which has free hosted pages.You must buy the custom domain and hosting before applying in media.net.

4: High-Level Traffic Source.
The majority of your blog or website traffic must be from high CPC countries like US/UK And Canada.

5: Language Of Website.
The language of website or blog should be in English.Because Media.net accept those website application which are primarily in the English Language.If your using dual language I suggest you the first few pages of your website should be in English.

6: Leave A Good Impression.
  • The design of website should be simple.
  • Have these three pages About/Contact Us and Privacy Policies.
  • Before applying media.net disable showing other ads for few days.
7: Some Other Important Things To Do.

Your Website Should Not Include In Any Activity Show In Below Picture.

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