10+ Demo And Download Buttons For Blogger Blog! Pure Css.

Demo and download buttons are very important to a blog.Here we bring 10+ Demo And Download Buttons For Blogger Blog created with Pure CSS.Hello!Everybody Today in this article I will tell you about 10+ Beautiful Demo and Download buttons.I will tell you how to add them to your blogger posts and as well in HTML coding of your template.these demo/download buttons are very attractive and responsive with beautiful colors.these are very unique and user-friendly buttons.simply we use the demo and download buttons pictures in our blog posts they are not linked able so your visitors don’t trust this a correct button or links because many advertisers give download buttons like advertisements if a user clicks on them then they redirect to advertiser website then the visitor gets upset and leaves your blog.so now according to me and you we must provide pure CSS demo and download buttons to make our blog or website reputation good in front of our visitors. so I decide to share pure css3 demo/download buttons with you because they are totally linked able. Demo/Download widgets can be used for themes and templates, widgets, selling a product, to give proper download, demo and buy now link.these widgets are created with HTML and CSS3.They work in any custom templates.

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How To Install Them?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard>>Template>>Edit Template Now Search For ]]></b:skin> With the help of CTRL+F
  • Now Copy The Css coding given in below boxes,and paste the css coding Above the ]]></b:skin> Click Save Template.
  • Now Copy the HTML coding given below in boxes, and paste this in post HTML Tab.


Here we bring a video to add this:


 Only Change href=# to your Links.

10+Demo And Download Buttons

Style 1:

Style 2:

Style 3:

Style 4:

Style 5:

Style 6:

Style 7:

Some More Styles Will Come Soon.

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